Legal paradoxes and radio sessions — 20 Comments

  1. You left out sexy?  Heh!!

    What did you expect me to sound like?  Jackie Healy Rae?

  2. Grandad,

    Thanks for the compliment about my interviewing technique! I think it was the fact we seemed to get on more then any interviewing style 🙂

    If anyone is interested in listing to Z103 online they can get it here:


  3. Welcome Shaneycakes!  [Shaneycakes?  What the fuck?]  My apologies about the link.  Of course I should have included it.  My excuse is that it’s snowing all day, and that is upsetting me.

    Hermia – You’re as bad as all those people who thought I was short and fat.

  4. on the “too many laws” thing: there’s a local law (by-law?) against public drinking. that’s never stopped me. I am firmly of the belief that the law is there really as a fall-back, in case I’m making a nuisance of myself and the cops can’t think of anything actually illegal that I’ve been up to.

    I’d love to see them try charge me with it, though – the signs say there’s a fine of up to a few hundred punt. Is it even legal to fine someone with a currency which is not legal tender any more? Might as well fine me in groats or sestertii.
    .-= Kae Verens´s last brainfart .. ToDo =-.

  5. Hermia – I am blushing as I type.  Thank you.  Actually, the head of Lyric FM once offered me a job as a presenter, but I declined.  It would have meant moving to Limerick.  Hhahaha!

    Kae – But that is the way a law should always operate.  It should be discretionary.  Speeding motorists should be done for speeding if they are doing it dangerously and not just to make some extra cash for the coffers.  If I want to take a slug out of a can of ale while walking down the street, then why shouldn’t I?  It used to be a free country.  I would imagine that any first-year law student would be able to quash that case anyway, as Punts aren’t legal tender any more.

  6. Well done Grandad, and a nice plug for Freedom2Choose to boot. Only thing I noticed was you don’t sound like a garandad, just not doddery enough. 🙂

    Liked the quip “so we can go to the pub and have a soft drink and a smoke!” Classic.
    .-= TheBigYin´s last brainfart .. Giles Thorley – Enough already! =-.

  7. Not Twitter – An excellent article, and it mirrors my own thoughts exactly.  If for example I hear of one kid electrocuting himself by sticking his fingers into a toaster, I know it’s only a matter of time before toasters are banned, licenced or otherwise regulated.  It is a fucking mad world.

    BigYin – I’m sorry I’m not old enough for you.  I am only in my sixty-first year after all?  The Freedom2Choose things bugs me a little in that there is no Irish version.  Is it possible to set up a one-man branch?  😉

  8. Errr…  Emmm…. *cough* *blush*  I don’t know what to say in reply to that?

    [Are you doing anything tonight?  😉 ]

  9. I’d bring my hip flask to any pub that’s only selling food and soft drinks.

    I could listen to you all day Grandad!!

  10. Missdoyle2u – And you can sit on my knee all day!

    BigYin – It doesn’t look that way to me?  Nothing really since a year ago?  It needs a right kick up the arse.

  11. Kerryview – I am gradually taking over the country.  One day, everything will be all mine.  Mwaaahahahahaha!  😈

  12. Back off, ladies!

    Get in line.

    First come, first served.

    Oh Grandad, what a sweet set-up. –
    My last line, and your circumstances.

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