Looking for Morpheus — 10 Comments

  1. I thought you retired so you could relax..??
    If anything… Take the BLUE PILL, not the red one and you should be right as rain.

  2. Sometimes guilt can overwhelm the sub-concious and you’re totally unaware a war is waging deep inside. The sleeplessness clearly points to this though you’re, at least on a concious level, unaware of anything.

    I suggest you empty your life of any thought or acts of generosity and undo any good deeds you may have done recently. This will not only cure your insomnia but make you feel fucking brilliant to boot.

  3. Dennis – You may need the blue pill, but I don’t.  Never believe everything you read in e-mails,

    Not Twitter – Funny you should say that as today was a moment of change for me.  I may write about it tomorrow.

    TT – [I know it’s you!]  You should be able to leave the asterisks out now.  I did some tweaking.  As for your suggestion – get a grip!

  4. No.I just Had to use asterixes on The Other Fellow. Wouldn’t accept the two words. (Asterix, the very Gaul.)

  5. No problem, Neighbour.  I couldn’t doze anyway.  You did a grand job and our sitting room is actually quite a lot brighter.   Incidentally, that was a brilliant stroke, bringing the old beech down onto the next door’s Land Rover Discovery.  Nice one!!

  6. Money from Dimwits.

    That seems like the way of the future in post-Tiger Ireland.
    .-= Bock the Robber´s last brainfart .. 027 =-.

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