Going for a Wii — 12 Comments

  1. Bet you both had a right giggle really(!?).
    I’d love to have a go on a Wii (Wee? Why? Don’t know how to pronounce it either) but I’m a cheapskate, so will wait until my daughter buys one for her kids.
    Hope you enjoy the Awards anyway GD. It’s like you say, whether you win or not there will be Wine and Song and Women galore lusting after your hairy bod!! (Some women just luurve beards!)
    .-= Geri Atric´s last brainfart .. NIGHTMARE BEASTIES! =-.

  2. Well, I know I had a good laugh.  They take up a hell of a lot of space to work properly, but now that we are less one coffee table, things are better.

    I have just realised that the Awards are on the week after next.  Maybe I should get in training too?

  3. There are some people that just aren’t made for using the Wii and Wii Fit in general.

    Maybe you should just get her a gaming PC, buy her a copy of TF2 and force her to play it for 8 hours a day. Soon she’ll be in top form.
    Or at least as top of a form those Korean no-lifes have…

  4. I thought all people were much the same?  Two arms?  Two legs?  A beer gut?  It can’t be that hard?

  5. While everyone is the same in amount of body parts, depending on their condition though…

    So for example having long weedy legs doesn’t help when you have a beer belly the size of a child…

    Is there anything about the physiology of Herself we should know…?

  6. Not Twitter – A ruptured colostomy bag would be dangerous around a Wii board all right – it would make it all slippery?  It’s strange that they don’t mention it in the manual.

    Backy – It’s only a fucking computer.  What does it know?  Tell it to mend its ways, or you’ll pull out its plug.

    Manuel – I’ll see you there so.  You’ll have to take up the smoking again though, so we can meet outside.

  7. Just so long as you don’t crack one loose just as I’m lighting up?  A potentially explosive situation.

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