Favours or not as the case may be — 9 Comments

  1. I wonder .. will this be the basis for the next Hollywood Block-buster ? ….. “Web-Wars” the Movie ? .. PMSL

    You tell ‘im Grandad .. cheeky git ..

  2. TT – Why?  He would be completely out of his depth and a total embarrassment.  I have standards to maintain.

    Cap’n Haddock – It’s more likely to be a case of ‘High Noon’.

  3. Go get ‘im Grandad .. Lol

    Its why I don’t have a Blog of my own .. there are loads of brilliant ones out there (and some crap too) .. but I know when to leave well alone .. Ha ha

    My creative talents (such as they are) lie in other directions .. Heh heh …

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