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  1. Well, here in Vancouver the daffodils are out and I think I might have got a touch of heatstroke yesterday. Shame we are holding the Winter Olympics right now. The cross country skiers are complaining of heat exhaustion. If you want global warming, come to Beautiful British Columbia. You can have some of ours.
    .-= Don’t Bug Me!´s last brainfart .. Macro Monday – Fact or Fiction? =-.

  2. Jennikybooky – We can but hope.  I’m going to sacrifice a few virgins to be on the safe side [that is, if I can find any].

    DBM – Our daffydowndillies are barely up.  There isn’t a bud to be seen on them.  Apparently, ground temperature has to be 6C or above for growth, and ours is around 2C, which gives you an idea of the fun we’re having.  We are currently blanketed by the Arctic Air Mass [it bloody feels like it!!] and there is no sign of it shifting in the forseeable future.

  3. Well this is all proof of Global Climate Change! Artic weather in Ireland and Tons of snow up and down the Atlantic coast and heat waves in Rio. Droughts, Famine and the earthquake in Haiti, Oh the mudslides in Portugal too all prove that Global Warming is true!!! So now gub’mints all oveer the world will come together and sing the collective song of new regulations and laws!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!
    I’ll publish this as a scientific paper and all my peer will jump and shout for joy when they read it. Then they’ll ask me to speak at an Al Gore backed seminar. I’ll get all the chicks I didn’t get in high school! WooHoo!
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  4. 100W lightbulbs .. Ahhh, yes .. I remember those ..

    Now we’ve been forced to accept these bloody “curly-wurly” things .. about as bright as a ToC-H lamp ..

    But its to “protect the Polar Bears”, you understand … Saw one in my Town Centre t’other day & the bugger was complaining about suffering from frozen balls .. Lol

  5. Captain Haddock, you are in danger of revealing your age – my dad used to complain about things being about as bright as “a bloody TocH lamp!”

    It was freezing down in Co Kildare and Co Laois today

  6. Wouldn’t bank on anything these days GD, thats akin to gambling!

    Have to say though, the real capital (or at least west of it) is baskin’ in sunshine for the last week 🙂
    .-= Mick´s last brainfart .. Dawn and Dusk =-.

  7. Cap’n Haddock – I hate those fucking curly wurly bulbs!!  They don’t light up for ages, by which time I have left the room again after falling over something.
    Ian – You don’t half get around?  You are now my appointed weather reporter.
    Mick – You disappoint me.  I thought you would have been at Mizzen Head on icebrg watch?

  8. Good morning Ian … As far as revealing my age goes, let’s just say I’ll not see 60 again .. but who cares ? .. Lol

    Those bloody “energy-saving” bulbs are totally useless .. I do a bit of painting & drawing and am not looking forward to the day when I’m forced to replace the “proper” 100W “Daylight” bulb in the lamp on my drawing table with one of these horrible things .. They bugger-up colour a treat ..

    Luckily, I have a few “daylight” bulbs in the cupboard ..

  9. Good luck to you Ian .. I truly hope you find something soon ..

    Retirement was the best thing to ever happen to me .. I’ve got all my faculties, a Lady 8 years younger than me in my life and the time to enjoy it all .. in fact, I now wonder how I ever found the time to actually go to work .. Heh heh ..

    My New Year’s Resolution this year was to grow old(er) as disgracefully as possible … Lol

    My grown-up kids are totally “banjaxed” by the idea of me going out “Night-clubbing” until silly o’ clock the next morning .. Ha ha

  10. My car’s heater has been broken since December. I get frost on the inside as well as the outside.

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