Irish Blog Award Nominations — 18 Comments

  1. Robert – I’ll pick your gong up when I’m collecting K8’s.  No worries.

    Maxi – I didn’t fucking pick the categories!!!  Anyway, you sould be on your own in the Best Porn Blog and Best Wanker Blog categories?  Oh!  Sorry.  They don’t exist.  Shame.

    Darragh – Thanks.  See you there? [As if I need ask]

  2. Many congrats Grandad .. well done ..

    So .. its all round to yours for a drop (or two) of “The Black Liquidation” then ??? … Lol

  3. Cap’n Haddock – All the drinks were last night.  Now if you want a really massive pissup, come along to the Awards next month.  😈

    Jelly – Who I voted for is between myself and the ballot box.  Congratulations on getting in there!!

  4. Aileen – There is absolutely no need to get personal?  I didn’t mention your big arse?

    Brianf – I thought it was quite a good photograph, myself.

  5. Congratulations Grandad! Three categories is a great achievement.

    Have you thought of auditioning for The Cat in the Hat movies? You should send in your photo.

  6. Thanks, and congratulations to you too!!  Three is a humble number compared to some, but then we all have to end up with a maximum of two, as no one can be a finalist in more than one category, with the exception of Best Post.  Cat in the Hat?  No.  I find it difficult to hold that smile for more than half an hour.

  7. You should be pleased. I read your blog and I sometimes enjoy, sometimes laugh, sometimes question, sometimes swear, but I always read. I think if I may be so bold and I paraphrase here, “you try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value” A. Einstein.
    Keep up what ever it is that you keep “up” and Slainte’

  8. I think you should campaign to have those categories included.  You’d be guaranteed a win there.  I’d have a word with Mulley, but I’m not one of the clique.

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