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  1. I’m disappointed you missed out on the other major news story, that of Ryanair and the jobs FF don’t want.

    90 Aer Lingus workers sitting on their holes in a 25,000sqft hanger that was designed to employ 1100.

    Ryanair willing to employ 300 former SR Technic’s employees to do real maintenance work there, but being told by the Govt that they cannot kick Aer Lingus out.

    It appears today there is a clause in the Aer Lingus contract, that the hanger can be taken back if necessary for the development of the airport. The creation of 300 jobs in an area decimated by unemployment would count as development in my book.

    Coughlan and Cowen obviously don’t see things this way and are willing to piss away the opportunity. O’Leary is without doubt a bollox too but he is a bollox with an airline that needs maintenance and he will employ these people somewhere & very soon.

  2. I didn’t miss it.  It just didn’t fit into the point I was making that both the government and the Vatican are placing themselves above the law.  The similarities are scary.  The Coughlan/O’Leary case is just another example of the government being given two choices and chosing the wrong option.  That is so laughably commonplace that it’s hardly worth mentioning these days.

  3. Worse than the acts of those in question is the contempt which they show.
    They know they’re not equals. They are, in effect, untouchable.

    As people realize they can’t be held to account by ordinary means some will use extraordinary means to influence or punish them.
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. Liam Gallagher – true =-.

  4. Say what you like about the Roman Catholic Church, they do know how to throw a party..

    (Okay, even I feel slightly nauseous reading that back..)

  5. G.D.It is the same here,in the states.The church, bush and cheney and the ilk.I can not have the booze or herb,as i am in a V.A. Hospital for three month’s are longer.

  6. BigYin – I suppose not.  The difference now is that they are quite open about the fact.  *sigh*

    Cap’n Con – It’s difficult to hear screams from the Seychelles or Florida.

    Not Twitter – Are you advocating revolution again?  Count me in.

    Popeye – What pisses me off is that they are so fucking open about it. They are a shower of bastards, every one [no disrespect to illigitimate children intended]

  7. Ah well Groandad. I was always suspicious growing up of the fat little men in the corners of pubs singing songs about how rebellious they all would be if the Republic was threatened.

    I was right. They are all sitting at home tutting about how Ministers who are nothing more than bum boys for the traditional masters of Ireland (priests) have now managed to come up with their own version of ‘mental reservation’.

    Historically there were always more traitors in Ireland than there were rebels. Dublin Castle always used to get a lot of information from them.

    Nothing really changes in Ireland. At least I’m out and away from it. I’d hate to be there now anyway.

    I suppose everyone is looking forward to the centenary celebrations in 2016?

    I will be in the Bahamas. Far away from the mawkish sight of the little fat men and their televised patriotism.

    Eire abu.

    Is mise le meas

    An Irish Captain

  8. Where is Fionn McCool  when he is really needed.  I am dreading 2016 – it is going to be a year of bullshit and Paddywhackery to beat all others.  Any spare room in the Bahamas?

  9. I remember Harney & Co forcing Brian Lenihan to resign over an alleged call to the Aras, they threatened to bring down the Govt. if he didn’t go & they got their way. The man was ill at the time but that didn’t stop her (She has shown herself to be totally devoid of any interest in the sick or unwell).

    Both her and the Greens are very quiet on this one though, O’Dea lied in an affidavitt, mislead the High Court but that doesn’t seem to matter, support for Govt remains strong.

    Moral corruption of the highest order.
    .-= Lafsword´s last brainfart .. WILLIE’S AFFIDAVIT =-.

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