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  1. Phew! Grandad, just for a minute there I thought you’d blown my cover. Grannymar is similar to one of my usernames! However since I’m not clever enough to be a blogger, and having checked hers out, there’s no way anybody would confuse me with her. I mean, tart I maybe, but definitely not up to recipes of the Apple variety!
    Now cuddling up with a Grumpy old Twat, well that’s any everyday penance for me.

  2. MarieC – If you don’t have a blog, then you can’t have a link.  Why don’t you have one?  And why hasn’t Scotland declared independence yet?  As for Grumpy Old Twat – he’s lovely chap really.  His crust of granite and bile hides a cuddly soft centre of pure sulphuric acid.

    Manuel – You wouldn’t dare.  You know you can’t live without me.  There is no point in fighting the fact.

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