The breath of hell — 9 Comments

  1. I had a similar problem a few years ago (not with herself you understand?) and eventually found a bird that had been mangled in the engine compartment. Have a look..

  2. If there was a bird or a cyclist or something there, it seems to have gone now.  It shall robably forever remain a mystery.

    Does anyone know of a missing cyclist in this area?

  3. I had an old banger Ford Anglia back in the early 70s and I bought several pints of milk from the local shop, then on the way back home had to make an emergency stop, the bottles flew forward off the back seat and spilt their contents onto the floor, I moped up the mess with a sponge when I got back and forgot about it for a few days. Then on a hot and sunny day I opened the door of the ole anglebox and nearly fell over backwards. The following week it went to the scrap yard.
    .-= Lorenzo´s last brainfart .. Hurricane Gordon heading directly for Haiti =-.

  4. Welcome Lorenzo!  There is nothing worse than old milk spilt in a car.  Well, actually there is, but as I said, I never found the cause.  Scrapping is a bit drastic though?  Surely if you just left all the doors open for six months?  Thanks for the links, incidentally! 😉

  5. Drove over a plastic bag in the street and it attached itself to the catalytic converter, horrible burning smell for weeks.

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