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  1. Twinning was OK when a town was twinned with ONE other. Mainly for schoolkids to pen pal up ,visit each other and maybe learn something about the world. Now there’s a list a mile long and it loses it’s significance.

  2. TT – But I still don’t understand the purpose of the whole thing.  The pen pals thing makes sense, but then surely it would be simpler [and cheaper] to just twin schools?  I would love to know how many people from A ever visit B simply because of twinning?

    I used to be a fluent Irish speaker, but I’m afraid I don’t know the Irish for Grumpy.  Glendoher is apparently called that because they found gold there once, or some such shite.

  3. Here in London Tahhhhnnn some local authorities put up signs in the eighties declaring themselves to be a nuclear free zone.

    Which is fine but how does a nuclear missile know its not allowed to explode there?

    Ain’t technology marvellous?

  4. TT – Once again, you’re managing to confuse me.  What happened when you were 14?

    Cap’n – Just out of interest, did those boroughs escape the fallout?

  5. Just going abroad on a twin town/pen pal thing with the school. It was OK having a twin town. Even fascinating at that age. ‘specially getting laid with a French chick.

  6. They escaped the Great Harney Cloud alright Grandad but now they have power cuts all the time.

    Lambeth is all candles now … ’tis very pretty and the muggers faces are all aglow like little childer at Christmas.

  7. I was Head of a primary School in Wales until I retired last year and we twinned with schools in the north of Eire, Finland and Sweden – it gave us an excellent opportunity to meet others from “Greater Europe”.

    Also gave me an opportunity to reaffirm the fact that Guinness tastes better on your side of the pond. I still can’t understand why Chek lager tasted like Budweiser in Finland ————

    See, told you it was an excellent opportunity to devlop educational links. Must be a Celtic trait!!!

  8. you could twin the whole of norn iron, as people insist on calling it, with a jar of jam…sticky shitty jam at that….meh…in a mood to day

  9. B****y ‘ell – the comment header’s flagged with the Union Jack – Wales isn’t even included on that duster!!!

  10. So ye’re twinned with a place that has…

    no tourists,
    cheap houses,
    no jams, speed cams, or traffic wardens,
    and where no one gives a shyte if you smoke like thomas the tank engine!

    Get the village to elect you, quick! 🙂

    PS tt: Cork twinned with Swansea – Welsh lasses, hmmm?

  11. Jesus- welsh lasses- last lucky lass to get the Cap’n was from Wales … four years before the mast that time.

    Mind you, if you have an Irish accent lads/lasses you could do a lot worse than take a week in the valleys- the girls I know from personal experience would hop into your lap.

    Mind you, I am a handsome devil…

  12. TT – Losing the cherry at 14?  Not bad.  Only four years behind me.  It still would have worked if you had twinned schools though?

    Cap’n – So the Nuclear Exclusion Zone worked?  I bet the neighboring boroughs were a bit pissed with them though!!

    Mick – It’s not a bad spot actually.  As you say, it’s very peaceful, and after sunset there is a lovely soft glow about the place that is quite romantic.

    Wales?  Hmmmmm.  That’s it.  Fuck France, and I’m off to the Valleys this summer.  😈


  13. Manuel – I missed you there, lurking behind the back table [as usual].  Did I hear somewhere that there was talk of twinning Norn Iron with Helmand Provence in Afghanistan?  Maybe it was just a rumour?

  14. Our town twinned with its self. I think being so close to Three Mile Island had something to do with that.

  15. Do you have lots of cousins with two heads, and cows with five legs?  Cooool.  And does Three Mile Island still glow in the dark too?  Can we twin with you?

  16. Hey, Cardi – You snuck in the back door?  Of course Guinness is better here.  It doesn’t take twinning to find that out?  As for the flag: why don’t you kick the English out like we did?  Then you can have your own flag up there.  😈

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  18. TT – Please stop trying to annoy my server.  It’s doing its best and doesn’t appreciate abuse.

    getting laid with a French chick

    Or are you saying that you are one of a batch of eggs that were laid then?

  19. I DID NOT SAY IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I EVER GOT LAID. Jeez it’s like pulling teeth. As for your server I printed out the message I got when I tried to post a comment.

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