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  1. Grandad I was only doing that very thing this morning. Two arms and two legs and all that. Shur we happen’t a notion how lucky we are really, even when we sit down and have a word with ourselves about it. Nice post.
    .-= Jennikybooky´s last brainfart .. The Coat: You Decide =-.

  2. It is almost a daily routine for me.  Two arms, one and a half legs, the full count.  There are very few who have nothing to be grateful for.

  3. “Yes. I have a good life, and I appreciate the fact. That is why I complain so little.”

    In which parallel universe would that be?!? :-p

  4. Right on K8. Certrainly not the one where little girls’ pig tails are braided by cartoon birds. He is an ornery old git isn’t he. Let’s gang up on him.

  5. Did it just this morning, just as the wind was howling round my house and my electricity was cutting in and out, an offer to buy my house fell through and I had a bit of a headache. ShelterBox is now on my blog.
    .-= Don’t Bug Me!´s last brainfart .. Bloggers for Haiti =-.

  6. Ignoring K8 and TT, I shall move on.

    DBM – And a great post it is too.  It’s amazing how others’ troubles can put ours in perspective.  We’re up to six boxes now, which, when you think about it is shelter and necessities for 60 people?  And don’t forget the colouring books?  😉

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