A Happy Event — 24 Comments

  1. Bottle or breast, Grandad? Heh. Funny post. Now I have to go and bloody well fry up some onions as I too have cravings for onion n’gravy.

  2. PMSL!
    I had a multiple birth, in the early hours, following an excellent madras and half a jar of lime pickle. Mrs G.O.T. wasn’t too happy though . . . you can’t beat the distinct smell of childbirth 😉
    .-= G.O.T.´s last brainfart .. Government Speak Word Game =-.

  3. Captain – Bottle, of course.  Breast is for the older men.  Enjoy the onions – may you cook up a storm.

    G.O.T. – Ahhhh!  I’m a Vindaloo man myself.  I would never dare have pickle after though.  That takes nerve.  It’s funny how women never seem to appreciate our night-time efforts?

  4. You cooked my favourite meal and you didnt call me ya scampis. Oh thats it im cooking an irish breakfast for dinner you know the one i think i gave you the recipe for your hangover cure blog. Listen i will cook you up a plateful and i will put it aside from you that is sheps doesnt get his paws it it.
    .-= Vicky Rogers´s last brainfart .. my idea of a perfect day =-.

  5. Vicky – That’s very good of you.  I hope there are no onions or beans involved?  Herself is still cleaning down the bedroom walls after last night and wouldn’t be too impressed.

  6. Be careful what you search for on the internet Grandad – at least it only gave the pregnancy option!!! Now then – have you thought about names?……..

  7. Easy. You get one small cute downy duck. Hold it behind and you and let rip. Pick up the feathers off the floor and weigh them. Sorted in double quack time.

  8. Kate – I was thinking of Katrina, for some reason?

    TheChrisD – Thanks, I think….

    K8 & Cap’n – Guinea pigs work just as well.

  9. What pisses me off is the modern thing of abbreviating names to the point of absurdity.  Why does Kevin have to become ‘Kev’?  Or Kate become ‘K’?

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