Who is Iris Robinson? — 20 Comments

  1. Most of ’em suffer from sociopathic delusions of grandeur though.  Maybe the Robinsons are trying to prove they are different?

  2. My heart goes out to Iris, her husband and the children. They will surely remain traumatised for a very long time if not for ever. Does anyone know the email address of Iris or Peter or any of the children? I want to contact Iris, just to let her know that she can still rise again. If she has truly repented and returned to Christ, the scar of this scandal may remain, but God will forgive her…

  3. I assume you write to everyone who has marital problems?  That’s very laudable.  Though I might point out that there may not have been a scandal if they hadn’t chosen to make such a big deal about it?

  4. Its always delightful when someone who makes their reputation in politics being rigid and inflexible in their ‘morality’ and then gets busted big time having very little in the way of morality in their own affairs.

    Sounds more like someone who has been caught out badly throwing an emotional tantrum because someone has dared to question them.

    Try Cherie Blair (affectionately known as ‘Slot-gob’) with her uber catholicism which involves dangley crystals and birth control. Classic- politicians flying under a morality flag should be hammered if they don’t live up to the demands they expect from others.

    I’ve got bugger all sympathy for that wretched loon.

  5. RhodesTer – Of course we can talk.  I’m always here for you.  [Just hold on while I contact ABC, NBC, Fox, CBC, BBC, RTE and CNN…..]

    Cap’n – I have bugger all sympathy for them too.  I am the one I have sympathy for.  I am just sick of her being plastered all over the screen and papers every day.

    Jedrzej – 570,000?  That much?  Poor soul.  No wonder she’s down.

  6. Some of the papers report a ‘close’ relationship between Robinson and the kid’s father prior to her taking up with him.

    Wonder what her Middle Eastern cult-god thinks of that one …

  7. I suppose it’s possible she was humping the father when he expressed concerns about his son’s sexuality?  She could have volunteered to lead the son into The Valley of True Faith?  😉

  8. Maybe she was doing the old ‘laying on of hands’. Even Harriet Harman and Jackie Smith are stumped by this one and they are notorious for the ‘its all men’argument on anything they don’t understand.

    All we’re short now is Mrs Bin Laden being filmed eating a bacon butty and the year woud be off to a tremendous political start.

  9. I’m with Rehab & Friends on this one as I would like to contact Iris too. Maybe I could get me some.

  10. Cap’n – Or Ian Paisley kissing the Pope’s ring?

    TT – That is not nice.   [*stuffs fist in mouth to stop the laughter*]

  11. I heard she’s on her way to Co. Wicklow for some R & R. Stay indoors and under no circumstances agree to borrow money from any woman with a botanical sounding name.
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. Asking the coin =-.

  12. Martin – It’s worse.  RTE, the BBC and all the papers are full of it.  I suppose it makes a change from endless pictures of snow?

    Not Twitter – I’m not afraid of that!!  After all, Mary Harney lives closer to me?  I can fend for myself, thanks.

  13. Surely a young man of 19 took a few videos with his phone to show his mates, or for a
    “keep sake”
    Where are these videos? I demand the sex tapes, DUP knickers and all

  14. Hi Grandad,
    Take a rest, under your watch ,injustice will rein supremely,and gay poeple,black people and other minority will suffer if you don’t stop spewing ignorance!

  15. John – I confess I have a huge thing against hypocrisy.  She set herself up for a fall, and by Jayzus, she got one!

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