How to shoot yourself in the foot — 8 Comments

  1. I thought the Puddle post was a joke. This is really a shocking misuse of public funds, whether they be Irish or British. I shall complain even though I don’t smoke. Who do I complain to?

  2. Welcome, Sean!  Not only does it not look like a joke, it looks just like the weird kind of stunt that the Antis would pull.  Whatever about the smell of smoke, this has the distinct reek of ASH about it all right.

    I don’t know about complaints.  I suppose the Irish Environmental Protection Agency should be the first port of call?

  3. As I live in UK I think I will send a FOI request to Aberdeen Uni and ask who initiated this nonsense. I think you are probably right about ASH, but as they are a fake charity anyway it will be some bastards in the government here that put them up to it and using tax payers money to do it.

  4. That reminds me. How’s the fake pipe coming along? Did it ever end up in a kitchen drawer ?

  5. Ta for the link, Grandad. 🙂

    As for the link to ASH, yes that is exactly the case. One of the links in my article points to a piece I did last year about ASH receiving £500,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to research smokefree homes. This Aberdeen study is a direct use of those funds. The link is here.
    .-= Dick Puddlecote´s last brainfart .. Purely Fictional Conversation =-.

  6. Sean – Let us know how you get on.

    TT – Still in use.  I have the odd puff when dropping in and annoying neighbours or at funerals [or cremations! Heh!].  ‘Tis handy to have around.

    Dick – Welcome!  Why wouldn’t I give a link to one of my regular reads?  😉

    The thing that puzzles me the most about this [apart from trying to understand what type of idiot would act as a guinea pig] is – why is the bulk of the research being done in the UK, when the ‘study’ is being funded by the IEPA?  What the fuck are the IEPA playing at?

  7. No-one has ever done a study examining the different types and doses of radiation human beings in the west experience.

    For most part of the winter we live in artificial light, in offices, homes or wherever with cabling underneath and over our heads. Many of us work with computers (why do they ask pregnant women to take regular breaks from computer work if there is no risk from radiation?).

    Basically I think Grandad has copped this one before it starts- you can’t analyse the health risk to someone unless you measure every airborne or environmental risk they incur.

    You are right Grandad- sounds like someone is winding up to present research which claims smoke indoors takes 3.4weeks off your life every time you smell smoke or something equally daft.

    Remembver a year after the smoking ban in enclosed places came in the Irish broadsheets were running an utterly daft piece of work which claimed that Dublin bar staff were now ‘80% healthier after the ban’.

    That was nonsense. Not even remotely scientific.

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