Time to evacuate — 6 Comments

  1. They reckon 44F and sunny here today. A nice afternoon to sit in the pub and look out the window. Plenty of Guinness there to be had at $5.50 a pint . The theivin’ Hibernian bastards !

  2. TT – 32F here [or lower] and the sun is setting.  And fuck you with your €3.80 for a pint of Black.  Mind you – it is that piss we export!  Heh!!

  3. hmm… sounds like a plan. I wonder who I should visit.

    oh – hang on – some fecker’s knocking at the door with a can in his hand.

    ….ah shite….
    .-= Kae Verens´s last brainfart .. novelrank =-.

  4. Kae – That was a nice malt you have had there.  Thanks.

    TT – You’re paying €3.80 and we are paying €4 ++ ??  And we make the stuff here???  No transport costs?

  5. We are expected to pay a tip as well. 15% minimum. Which puts it at what? 4.5 Euros? I tell you a pub has to be a good business over here where the customer pays the staffs wages. The owner has to pay them only $2.30? an hour, when the minimum wage is suppose to be $7.25.

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