Lacking that vital spark — 12 Comments

  1. Must be the sunspots or something as I went to start my car yesterday and it too had a dead battery…Yes its getting cold here in Arizona but 42 degrees should not be affecting our energy supply….Well, the chargers been on it overnignt and we’ll now go see if it will get me to the liquor store, Taco Bell and the gym…
    could turn out to be a pretty nice day…Its in the seventy’s already and its not even noon yet…

    Stay warm and keep Spanner close….

  2. TT – Of course she does.  I’m her Grandad.

    RWG – IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!  How else would you explain two batteries going dead half a world apart?  Unless it’s only the old Aliens again?

  3. Mexicans ? Thats the only aliens we got in this Hood, or maybe I missed something in not paying attention to the buzz going on around me ??…But, I did pay attention to a billboard I saw out on Apache Road, it said, ” Need Help, Call Jesus 1-800 22U-help.” So I called the number and a Mexican showed up with a tow truck…Go figure Spanner, get a tow truck and ask Jesus for direction….Those jumper cables could be your salvation…ticket to survival in powerless times.

    Not to discount that there may be extraterrestural agents at hand…Sly fucker them, could be the mutant next door sucking up your juices…You are not powerless as long as you keep the 12 gage handy and your powder dry… Maybe its time you got a stun gun, eh ? Ya dont have to kill em just stun them into respecting your property.

    Hot wiring that guys car might not have been such a good idea given your condition…could have been a shocking experience…An experience comes from good judgment, good judgment comes from bad experiences… What I love about drunks is they’er always enjoying the last bad experience…after the fact….

    Well, Grandad, you are certainly a delightful experience everyday with your petulant posts…It’s like Jim Morrison, a So Cal Dude I got to hang with sang, “Break on through to the Other Side” you are indeed a breakthrough to the other side of being , Irish, on this other side of America…We look forward to your next rant with pleasure..


  4. Jump leads are a must! The battery and windscreen wipers on my truck flaked out on the same day about a month ago. That’ll ruin yer day! I just got a ’66 VW Beetle and the 6volt battery in it is dead as well.

    The beetle does better in snow than my truck! 🙂
    .-= Jefferson Davis´s last brainfart .. Dust off Yer Boots =-.

  5. RWG – I’m not too worried about hot wiring in any state [at least, I wasn’t in the state I was nearly in last night] – I’m too well practiced.  As for your last paragraph – thanks! 🙂  I think it is the most offbeat compliment I have received and therefore all the more appreciated.

    JD – I had a set somewhere, but someone lost them.  Anyway, they are only useful if there is another car around, and the other car usually has a set?  Never knock the Beetle!!  I drove one for years – brilliant car!

  6. I’d never knock the beetle. They are an awe-inspiring mode of transportation. 🙂 The ’66 has only had two owners and still has the original seats in mint condition! The paint is original as well.
    .-= Jefferson Davis´s last brainfart .. Dust off Yer Boots =-.

  7. Jeez Grandad, didn’t ye hear about the FF scrappage scheme? the cig lighter just went in ours so we’re off down for a brand new 09 – yep ‘we’re about to turn a corner’! 🙂
    .-= mick´s last brainfart .. US Census 2010 =-.

  8. Mick – The bastards put a ten year limit on the scheme.  They fucking knew my car was only nine years old.

  9. Good thing you didn’t have to walk home. The cold would have sobered you up and that would have been a complete waste of the pints you drank. Can you just visualize it. Home on a Saturday night sober.

  10. Vicky – She is an angel.  Sometimes.  Sometimes she is more like her Grandad.  Heh!

    Bubbles – I don’t believe in walking home.  As you say – it sobers one up, and that is not good.

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