Climategate — 5 Comments

  1. Brianf – Howya stranger!!  It is beginning to break into the mainstream media this side of the Pond.  The BBC have picked up on it as have quite a few newspapers.

  2. Roosta, what the f***  are you talking about, the report doesn’t come from the Canadian government, it comes from two totally independent men who blew the whistle on the bogus methodology being used to back up highly lucrative ” studies”  on the hot topic of global warming and are, like all whistle-blowers, being vilified for their audacity. Read their studies and take a gander at the warp ten backpeddling going on in the so-called centers of knowledge on this subject.

  3. paulo1, the f**k i was talking about was the video, which was a commentary piece that aired on Canadian news.

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