Teaching Grandad to suck eggs — 8 Comments

  1. On the subject of valves, have you seen the price of them these days? Two of them are gone in my amplifier and they’re €60 to replace a pair.

  2. Triods are OK, but I had much more fun playing with Traveling Wave Tubes and Magnetrons. Until they too were replaced by Silicon (or Germanium for some frequencies).

  3. Robert – In my day they were almost literally ten a penny.  You could certainly pick them up in most electrical shops for a few shillings.  If you had mentioned it before, I could have kept some for you?

    Jim C – That’s all microwave stuff.  They didn’t trust me with that in college [not after that little ‘death ray’ experiment of mine…… 😐 ]

  4. I’m not sure how well this fits with the post, but….
    My father grew up on the south coast of Ireland before houses had electricity. Passing ships used to throw dead light bulbs overboard and they’d wash up on the shore. He and his siblings used to have little ventures collecting ‘fairies in glass’!
    If you knew about valves GD you were ahead of the times!

  5. Mick – I was always ahead of myself.  It has been a lifelong problem.

    Ian – Even time travellers prefer to use reliable technology.

    TT – Of course it does.  Just ask Dr Who [or Captain Kirk].

    Now.  Just for Not Twitter…..

    You have an anode, a cathode and a grid.

    Shit!  Sorry!  Time for the pub.

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