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  1. Cap’n – Of course you can.  Provided it’s not on a cheque.  What do you want it for?  [*Niece, my arse!*]

  2. It seems that not only did Mr. Woods crash his car, his wife also broke out his back window with a golf club. The public version of story was that she did it to “rescue” him from the vehicle.
    It has been rumored that Tiger was seeing another women, his wife found out about it, and was going to break “him” with the golf club. He was attempting to escape from her in his car, she broke the car rear window, and he crashed.
    Why do we care? Because if we were not dealing with trivial issues like this we might realize how bad things really are. We would rather rearrange the deck chairs and give song requests to the band as the Titanic sinks.

  3. Jin C – So he managed to get a hole in two, as it were?  Fair play.    But does this mean that any bloke who is caught dipping his wick in someone else’s oil can is going to appear on the news?  Oh, fuck!

  4. He’ll be feeling the pinch in his wallet soon enough… I wouldn’t mind but the two alleged affairs he’s had have been with two right munters compared to his missus. Maybe he found out the missus is Fianna Fail all the way and (understandably) he’s been having ‘problems’.

    Mind you, Grandad can comment on this case because he’s got a nutty female guineapig in his place who I wouldn’t allow hold a golf club under any circs.

  5. Maxi – Do you use a driver in the rough?

    Cap’n – What the fuck have my nutty female guinea pigs got to do with it?

    TT – Has it really?  That is very sad.  Why do I feel that my life wouldn’t change one squat if every fucking ‘celebrity’ vanished off the face of the earth?

  6. Yeah drives me mental all that twattle. Instead of real news and interesting useful information, we’re told what colour someone’s puke is and how wide the footpath was where it landed. 

  7. Landed here just as 9pm RTE news headlines on TV – guess what’s got coverage! Tiger and his woody! (Apparently he regrets his transgressions – oh dear!)

  8. The only thing Mr Woods will be taking out of his trousers for the foreseeable will be his wallet, pity though, I always admired him for the way he managaed to go about his business without attracting this kind of attention. He always seemed to be able to avoid the media frenzy that surrounded other well known sports stars, he seemed to put his family first & did everything possible to protect their privacy.
    The problem here was he was too clean and the media have been waiting for a fall from grace & what a fall it seems they are going to get.

  9. As far as I am concerned, provided he keeps clear of all my wimmin, he can shag his brains out with the world.  That is between himself and his wimmin.  Why should the rest of the world care?  Unless he’s boning your missus, that is?

    Mick – All of Head Ramble Manor is on Summer Time.  I never got around to changing the clocks.  It makes the evenings brighter too.

  10. Grandad- one of these days Minnie & Co will chase you out of your house with little golf clubs if you keep interfering with the Cage-Biting Escape Plan.

    It’ll be in all the tabloids and then you’ll understand …

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