How I changed the world — 7 Comments

  1. “Have I really set the world to rights?”

    I don’t know if you can take all the credit but well done all the same.
    I think however, that things have gone so far and are so fucked they may appear righter than they are, in a weird fucked up way.

    I know critisising & railing against this government is repititious but if we stop does that make what they are doing acceptable & ok ?

    I was reading David McWilliams article in the Independent tdy, McDonalds have pulled out of Iceland as they can’t sell their shit there at the inflated prices they need to charge. Maybe the IMF route has hidden advantages after all.

  2. You have been silent about climate change for a goodly while. Did you sort that out too ?  Or, did you just decide you were nuts.

  3. Lafsword – Sadly, I think you may have hit the nail on the head – we are becoming so used to the crazy fucked up world that we are coming to accept it as the norm.  I have no intention of letting up on our Glorious Government, but I don’t want to bore myself with daily rants about them.  As for the IMF – at leastthey would presumably know what they were doing?

    TT – I decided the rest of you were nuts.  Good point though.  I must do a little snooping to find out the latest news.

  4. Grandad,
    I fear the quietness may be the calm before the storm!
    The departure of Dubya has led to no change in US foreign policy, despite the new incumbent winning the Nobel Peace Prize in twelve days (the closing date for nominations was 1st February).
    The tourists don’t come anymore because the Euro is worth almost £1 and you would need a wheelbarrow full of dollars to pay for a meal out.
    The Government is there until the funeral of the Green Party.
    (and I heard a rumour that the Irish army were doing exercises in crowd control, perhaps anticipating a bout of blue flu?)

  5. Simply amazing what you’ve managed to accomplished in just a few years. Give you a decade and the world will be a much better place to live in, no doubt.
    I hear your face has been predicted to manifest itself at Knock on Oct. 31st. Or is that just a rumor?
    And @Ian: The new incumbent did not win the Nobel Peace Prize in 12 days. Some unnamed clown person who fell within the organizations’ qualifications nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize before the deadline was up on February 1st, 2009. He just happened to be among the winners 9 months later.
    But I get your point nonetheless.

  6. Kirk – 12 Days or 9 months, its still a joke and an insult to all those who have genuinely dedicated their lives to the pursuit of peace without any recognition. I feel it also diminishes the award for future nominees & winners.

    I think the prize was awarded to Mr Obama by the left wing committee in an attempt to influence his future decisions when dealing with Afghanistan & more importantly Iran. Imagine the headlines “Nobel Peace Prize winner Bombs Iran” It’ll make the decision if necessary a little more difficult.

    Dubya would have given it back and gone and bombed some A-rabs like the infidel the American President is supposed to be.

  7. @Ian – Oh I agree readily enough. I just have this pet peeve about that phrase “…he won it in 12 days”. Might as well say all the winners won it in 12 days.
    I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t just refuse the award and get back to work but I have a feeling he’s too much a a showman to pass it up. And if he was nominated by the left wingers they we’re stupid to do so. It’s only going to make a difficult job all that much harder for the very reason you pointed out. Of course the right wingers could have nominated him because they knew it would make his job harder. You never know about these things.
    Don’t you love going off topic like this? What was the topic anyway?

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