Introducing Zit — 9 Comments

  1. Don’t get drawn into a “who’s got the longest sperm” competition, I hear fruit flies can have ones as long as a couple of inches! (when unraveled).

  2. Sorry, been away for years … but you have a talking Guinea Pig that talks ???? cool … I ate Guinea Pigs in South America…. BEA utiful …

  3. ahh how sweet.  Shep did have a fellow mate called flutter he was a butterfly. Shep and him sat by the garden all day and played. but sadly futter has gone to pastures new so now shep hangs around with the neighbour hood cat stripes. But i think that stripes is trying to corrupt my little fella.

  4. Thrifty – I sthat the kind of thing you discuss with your mates?  Do you have any mates?

    Moon – Welcome back.  I have been following your adventures from the sidelines. 😉  What’s surprising about talking guinea pigs?  Do you never talk to animals?

    TT – Only a few days until I’m into my November blues….

    Charmed – She was dumped on me by a very disobedient daughter.

    Vicky – Butterflies make useless pets.  They don’t last long enough.  Cats are much better [and taste better too].

  5. Flies on guinea pigs yet. Dare I say what next. Oh…I already did.
    Never did acquire much taste for cat and butterflies always left me wanting for more. Much meat on a guinea pig?

  6. We used to sell the occassional guinea pig at the feedstore.  They were about as dull as dull can get.  Now the hamsters were mean little suckers.  Wakeup one of them during their 23 hr nap and you could come up missing a digit.  The rodent pet things are best eaten with lots of BBQ sauce…

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