Fried testicles — 16 Comments

  1. It wont work. They tried it on mythbusters and no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t get zapped.

  2. Robert – Maybe [hopefully] he uses a different method?  Did they actually get volunteers to test it on Mythbusters?

  3. Awww and it looks like such a nice place. Where us Yanks dream about living. Tell me, do they have ASBO in Ireland similar to the UK ? Also, where do the ladettes piss ?

  4. TT – No ASBOs here, which is surprising.  I haven’t asked the ladettes.  Use your imagination!

    Robert – I’m not surprised. Heh!

  5. It does indeed work, if done correctly.

    I once told a friend of mine while visiting the old family farm, not to piss on the right side of an old stump. The reason being was that the a strand of an old electric fence came to an end on that side of the stump. When the farmer down the road powered up his electric fencer that old strand came alive as well.

    My friend didn’t listen.

    I can’t adequately describe what happened when his stream hit that strand but I would say that it was akin to placing the butt end of a double barrel shotgun against your groin and firing both barrels at the same time. At least that’s what it looked like to me at the time.

    You might want to tell Mr. O’Connor to make sure he uses an electric fencer. They even come solar powered so it saves on electricity (the battery keeps it fired up all night so no problems there). If the lads complain then all he has to say is he set it up to keep out the vermin.

  6. Mickey guillotine is a magnificent idea!
    Bit of a ring to it too: “Come to Custy’s to be circumsised”

  7. I’m for the fried Mickeys, or the sharp toothed dog on the other side of the door, or maybe barbed wire(?) – but failing that, I guess Mr. O’ Conner will just have to install one of those alluminium, pull down, padlocked roll door things – sans letter box – and invest in a P.O. box and trudge all the way up to the post office every day for his post. Shame, shame on those mucky ‘wild plassers’ (wild pissers).

  8. Doesn’t matter if the piss thing will work or not, if they’re pissing THRU the letter box they’ve gotta touch the outer flap. If it’s metal….

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