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  1. Add this to the Partnership for Government, TD expenses (and pay, let’s not forget pay), and what you have is:
    The political class (there is one, there’s no point denying it) think that people are stupid. Perhaps we are, because we’re putting up with this.

  2. If it’s any comfort; it’s not just your country that is messed up. I just browsed the internet a bit and it seems that some people are very annoyed/concerned about the height of our national debt. But I also read that the savings of the dutch people could clear more than 80% of that debt. So a country might be in trouble, the greedy inhabitants are not.

  3. I’ve given up.
    I’m becoming a politician.
    As soon as I join in with something the fun stops, this seems to be the only way I can stop the gravy training.
    So I’ll be campaigning for the next election and as soon as I dip my hand in the cookie jar, some fucker will come in and clean up the whole system, making it a fairer and smoother run country in no time.

  4. We had our chance to boot them out on the day of the Lisbon Referendum and didn’t take it. No wonder they’re laughing at us.

  5. Seamus – They know damned well that they are the most unpopular government in the history of the state and that they have no longer got a mandate, but power and money are more important to them than principles or the country.

  6. The problem lies in the clientelist system where politics is about doing stuff for particular people in return for their support.  People not interested in campaigning for new jacks at the hurling ground or a better bus service on bingo nights turn their backs on politics leaving people whose skills are  bluster and favours.  There needs to be a drastic reduction in the number of TDs so that they are not susceptible to pressure from small interest groups and that can’t happen without a change in the constitution and that’s not going to happen.

  7. I’ve got to the point where i’ve stopped trying to analyse it. It’s as if we’re living in some parallel universe where the politicians are like some strange aliens that we look upon from afar. They appear intouchable, they are untouchable, and the electorate have got to the point where they feel their votes (and their opinions or feelings about the whole thing) are meaningless.
    Unless there’s a total (revolutionary) change in our political system, nothing will change.
    It’s like you get to an age where you look on politics as some strange abberation resembling a wierd form of reality tv!

  8. PR votes them in. PR means vote for the idiot who promises you everything. We voted for PR. The PR system likes the idiot who is corrupt (I don’t accept ‘slightly’ corrupt).
    PR will vote these fuckers out. PR will vote new fuckers. They will last only a short time. Then PR will vote the other fuckers back.
    Plus ca change. (We voted Lisbon too)

  9. Hey Brian..! Who you calling greedy? Took this Anglo/Celtic/Dutch lady a long time to save up a  little nest egg and be blowed if I’m going to give it to Wouter Bos (Dutch Minister of Finance) – no way!  Bet he’s not giving up any of his savings/investments/2nd house etc. etc. either.
    Hi Grandad, sorry for talking round you at Brian. Seems all our countries are in much the same boat though – bailing like mad…

  10. PR is not the problem – it’s the system of PR used that leads to the corruption.  If there were not constituencies where approving the building of a block and pebbledash hacienda halfway up the side of an unspoilt valley was the key to a couple of dozen votes, there would not be the crooked deals.  A national list system should be used for central government, leaving behind  the drink and wink negotiations.

  11. Geri – Feel free to talk around me.  I like a good healthy debate.  And I agree with you.  If the Irish had enough saving to bail the country out, I wouldn’t see why they should part with a red cent.  It’s the banks and the builders who got us into this mess – let them all go to the wall.

    Thrifty – Your answer to everything.  And you are right!

  12. i know its bloody crazy granddad i think that this idiot should not take that bonus and even if he does take this bonus he could give it back to our struggling health system.

  13. Vicky – Give it back???  Those fuckers grab every cent they can out of the system and will fight to the death before returning any of it.  May they die roaring.

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