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  1. I lopped of one of me own arms there last month with a hacksaw.
    There was nothing wrong with it, I just wanted to see would it grow back.
    It didn’t.  Still, nothing ventured eh?

  2. Robert – Precisely.  The worst that can happen is for a few crumbs to get in?

    Terence – Did you keep the arm?  It should be no problem reattaching it again with superglue?

  3. Do you make overseas house calls?  I still am shopping for a low-cost alternative knee replacement.
    I was told during pre-op that the staff would ask me many many times to review with them what they hope to accomplish.
    I am considering offering up slight variations every time they ask.

  4. Sixty – Sorry.  In order to cut down on costs, it is advisable for everyone to do their own surgery.  Regarding the knee – have you tried Meccano?  And for fuck’s sake – don’t mess with hospital staffs’ heads.  You will end up getting the operation you deserve.

  5. I was also told I would be asked several times about what kind of surgery I’d  be having when I went in for a Nissen fundoplication. Unfortunately I hadn’t learned to pronounce Nissen fundoplication at that  time so I just told them castration. I could pronounce that okay.

  6. Kirk M – Let me get this straight – you had your knackers cut off because you coudn’t pronounce Nissen?  Or fundoplication?  I would have thought that learning the pronuciation would have been slightly less drastic.  But then they are your knackers.  Or rather, they were………..

  7. Grandad: Some years ago I had a painful swelling on my wrist. In the hospital a doctor called it an inflamed ganglion and said it absolutely required surgery, no doubt about it. I doubted his lack of doubt and am wary of operations unless absolutely necessary. So I decided to wait and see if it would recover through stubbornness and plámás. A month or so later, the wrist was as good as new.
    Doctors can be wonderful, but sometimes they’re a bit surgery-happy for my liking. And I’ve picked up infections just by visiting people in hospital.
    I hope the ribs recovered in time. Consider wearing a coat of armour at Christmas, or at least a waistcoat of it.

  8. The worrying thing about this is that it’s gross incompetence unrelated to funding or availability of services, just shitty people making stupid mistakes. Crazy.

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