A party with a bang — 5 Comments

  1. Yeah, saw the Bouncy Castle pic on your blog yesterday and, your obsession with pellet guns apart, was wondering if you had informed the right ‘elf and safety’ chappies to oversee the party in case the little ones may hurt themselves having fun, at your expense, of course?
    And you must have, surely, informed the local smoke police just in case any of you child abusing smoking parents lit up in their presence!  Surely?

  2. TheBigYin – No need for Elf and Safety.  They were all kitted out with crash helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, body armour and the rest.  Unfortunately none of them could move, so no one could injure themselves.

  3. Good of you to supply the telephone number on the photograph. I rang them this morning. Seems they have fled the country.

  4. TT – You don’t think I was going to pay him, do you?  I told him I would advertise his thingy on an internationally famous site.  He seemed happy.  Heh!

  5. Remind me to go order a bunch of balloons to be sent around to your place and all set to pop as soon as you go within 3 feet of them.

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