A thoughtful daughter — 7 Comments

  1. Hmm, herrings in a barrel!
    No sport there at all.
    Now, if it were members of the Government, that would be much more fun.

  2. Ian – This is purely for practice purposes.  Come the Real Thing, we won’t be using air-rifles!!

  3. If you got a really small kid to stand on one end of a see-saw and trained the really fat kid whose mother drives it to school every day to jump on the other end when you shout ‘PULL!’ then you’d have clay ‘pigeon’ shooting as well.

    Glad to be of assistance in the matter. 

  4. Cap’n – One experiment I wanted to try was to link several blowers together, so it would inflate almost instantaniously.  All we would have to do is fill it with kids when deflated – inflate suddenly and voila……

    Unfortunately, I could only find one blower.

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