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  1. French overtaking manouevres are astonishing. There is a jinking movement as they move out, pass and cut back in again – as though no-one wishes to be seen in the outside lane.
    What they are bad at is queueing – driving on the first Saturday in August is a nightmare!

  2. I’ve seen better driving in India than in Ireland. For some reason everything here seems to be a frigging competition, even the politicians expense claims. France is a nice spot to drive alright.

  3. Ian – to someone who is used to Irish madness, that is truly a sight to behold.  We met a few congested spots on the way down, but there was no impatience – everyone just waited quietly until the traffic moved again.
    What strikes me about Irish driving is how anyone survives at all.  The speed limits are not the problem – it’s the drivers who need a complete mass brain transplant.

  4. Welcome Ironbed!  It’s only when you have something to contrast it with that you realise just how appalling Irish driving is.  It is fucking dire!

  5. Sounds just like the kind of driving that’s done in Vermont which is a bit strange seeing as a fair portion of the state’s population are Irish. Of course most of the the folks in this country who are of Irish descent are located in Massachusetts (and most of those are located in and around Boston). And considering that Massachusetts has been #1 on the annual list of  the country’s worst drivers since the inception of the Model T, I suppose that would stand to reason wouldn’t it?
    Happy driving.

  6. “If you are driving at the speed limit of 70 through a village [yes – they have very sensible limits here]”
    …Sez you. The limit is actually 50 km/h, and comes into effect at the town or village’s name sign. This is such a fundamental of the French rules of the road that a sign is not considered necessary

  7. Kirk M – It really wouldn’t surprise me to find that Irish drivers ranked at or very near to number one.  God knows what the reason is?

    Welcome BrendanH!  Yes.  I am well aware of the 50 limit within villages and the fact that they are unmarked.  I’m referring to those places where major roads pass through villages, and the signage quite explicitly states that the limit is 70?

  8. Some definitions of a ‘driver’…
    1. One that drives, as the operator of a motor vehicle.
    2. A ‘tool’, that is used for imparting forceful pressure on another object.
    3. A jib-headed spanker.


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