Never trust a woman — 12 Comments

  1. Think Molly was bad, I drive with Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet!) in the car! “watch the hedges dear, the wind could blow them into the road”, or “mind the lorry” like i coundn’t see a 20 ton hunk of metal coming down the road !
    (just kiddin, she’s a demure pussycat really, but then i have to say that!)

  2. Mick – Herself is a grand one for telling me to “mind that lorry” [which happens to be parked in a lay-by] or to watch out for the cyclist ahead – as if I hadn’t seen him and was already aiming for him.  I generally tell her to shut up and leave the navigating to Roger and me.

  3. See voice coding doesn’t work so well for women’s voices. I was told this is because the coding removes redundant information.

  4. You think you have problems, try having two of them giving you directions at the same time.  Especially when neither knows where their at or where their going.  One screaming at you to take this off ramp and the other telling you to stay in the thru lane.  Auuugh.

  5. Brighid:  You should always follow instructions from the male voice..we’re born with built-in satnav………..
    Good steering Grandad. Have a great time.

  6. Thrifty – I could well believe that about the redundant invormation.  Molly spent a lot of her time commenting on shop displays and the hair-dos of pedestrians.  Maybe her encoding wasn’t working?

    Brianf – Don’t be daft!  We haven’t risen to being astronauts yet.

  7. I guess I’m just old fashioned. I still let my well honed navigational instincts lead the way. And as soon as I  remember where I live I’m going to make some lunch.

  8. Kings’ Broad:  Yea Right,  himself can get lost faster than you can say…. damn!    He has no clue, the rest of his family is the same way.  My family has a keen sense of direction, and well honed survival skills,  probably because my dad was always trying to lose us.

  9. Grandad – Thanks but it’s alright now. I happened to be wandering around the street that my wife takes when she comes home from the shop. She brought me to the house and fed me my medication so I now recognize where I am .
    She did ask for ID before she’d let me in the car though. I must ask her about that.

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