Getting younger — 11 Comments

  1. You know us women never lie about our age. You must have heard her wrong when you first met her. I, for instance, am 25.

  2. S Mum – For years I used to tell our K8 that I was 21.  I had to quit that lark though when she reached that age and copped on.

    TT – Get out of that.  I can throw a broom around the house like the best of them.

  3. Oh I see, not a pop-up then.  She’s looking for a man-bitch.  Fair play.  Might get one of them meself.

  4. K8 – No.  Not a pop-up.  She’s welcome to her man-bitch as long as she stops moaning about all my bitch-bitches.

  5. I am totally with her . . we ‘fifty’ year olds just aren’t interested in old men.  We live beautifully in a life of total delusion chasing young things. Somehow it’s not so bad when you’re a woman! hehe!

  6. Well, while he’s busy with Herself (you know, washing dishes and the like) you can always raid his jacket and car for tobacco and loose change.

  7. At the expense of about 2 or 3kb or Grandad’s extremely valuable storage space just want to say that this post really tickled me (is that alright?)

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