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  1. I’m here but I have a horrific hangover and nothing much to say. Leave the lights on though just to annoy John Gormley if you don’t mind.

  2. Could be it’s just the weekend? I know for a fact that New England is finally experiencing the arrival of Summer. We get a whole week of it before we go back to cold and rainy.  I think everyone’s out basking at the moment.

  3. Robert – A hangover is not only an acceptable excuse, it is virtually mandatory.  It never stopped me from throwing a spot of abuse around though?

    Kirk M – I have noticed this fenom phinom thing happening for a couple of weeks now.  It can’t be the weather here – summer one day and fucking winter the next…..

    TT – Give him my regards.

  4. I’m here but still hangin’ in Appalachia… where there are whole shops called “Butts & Ashes” selling nothing but tobacco, right next to shops selling firearms over the counter, next to 24-hour off-licenses with drive-thru service where the beer and spirits are half the price of back home. I think of you often! When I told our neighbours we had a smoking ban, one said, “Yeah, they tried that shit here too,” and they all burst out laughing. No wonder they call this state “Almost  Heaven”.
    So, I’m a bit busy….
    Can I bring you back anything?

  5. (I’ll try again) was here once and then did something,lord knows what,ended up back to home.Pappy has been on the puter here, he’s entitled cause he makes the bucks that pays for this kind of luxury.Speaking of luxury,would you think the “seat” on a walker should be considered a luxury?Insurance does, so had to pay extra for that.They get you coming and going, so grandad I figure you’re a bit like me and would say “fuck it” and never venture toward the light switch.  (can I change my email on here without screwing things up?)

  6. Perhaps everyone buggered off to their respective pork resistant hideaways?  Tis hard to get away from ye ol’pork though.  It’s every freakin ‘where!  🙂
    @ Susan in Appalachia  You might be close to my neck of the woods.  We have a gun shop, liquor store, and church on every corner.  🙂  Nah, we’re not that bad.

  7. I’m just back from a week’s holliers, and guess what….. I really did leave the lights on!  Yup, bathroom’s been bathed (see what I did there) in a flood of unused illumination for a week – my contribution to the environment 🙁

  8. Susan – I never thought I’d say this, but America is beginning to sound like a very decent place to live!!  Aqt least the Americans have the balls to tell the Nanny State to go fuck itself.

    Sandra – At my age, I would consider a seat anywhere as an essential part of life.  The old legs ain’t what they used to be.  Drop me an email with your address and I’ll change it.

    JD – Howya, Stranger!  They are carrying on here as if one whiff of Harney Flue is enough to send you screaming to your grave.  Fucking pussies.  I like the idea od a church being sqeezed between a gun shop and a pub – shoot ’em, bury ’em and then have a pint to celebrate?

    Xbox – Hah! The anticipation is a good part of any holiday.  Going anywhere interestingt?

    Charmed – Congratulations on doing your bit for the environment.  Mind you, you’ll have to do one hell of a lot more than one light to catch up on Al Gore!

  9. I am sorry, and surprised that I have been missed. Thanks. 🙂
    It is nice to know that there is someone missing my work when it is not there.
    And yes, I have not been posting for a while. My apologies for that. Was not my intention, but a combination of too much work and bad health – no, it is not Harney flu (aka swine flu) – has put a limit to my online activities. Will resume regular service tonight.

  10. John O – Also it will keep the climate warm in case we want to return?

    Emerald – I’m tempted to say that I carefully keep a database of all my comments but I wouldn’t be such a nerd!

  11. Dear Grandad,
    I am sorry I had no time to write a post last weekend, I was wearing myself out gardening and decorating and didn’t even switch the laptop on!
    I’ll let you know in advance next time!!!
    Peace and love

  12. 10 posts… you call that ‘no one?’
    Though the other day I read a blog post by someone saying that social networking (Facebook et al) has made inroads on the blogosphere. I hadn’t thought of that… mostly because I thought blogging WAS social networking. 🙂

  13. Kate – That is no excuse.  Go sit on the naughty step.

    Diddums – Only five on the day.  I shudder to think that Twittering or Facebook could be seen as an alternative to [*holds nose*] blogging.  Anyway I don’t see this as Socia Networking – I see it as having a bit of a rant or a chuckle, where everyone is free to join in.

  14. I can’t – I’ve got a bad back from decorating and gardening – I may write 100 lines later if I can think of something to rant about!

  15. “I see it as having a bit of a rant or a chuckle, where everyone is free to join in.”

    Well said, sir. Well said.

  16. Kirk M – It looks like MCE strips them?  Not a bad thing?  Anyway – HTML and spelling errors [mine] corrected!

  17. Please do not mention the F-word (Facebook) too often. It is bad enough that the whole thing exists. And it gets already more than enough promotion.
    In case you are not aware of it, the whole thing is a con operation, created by a greedy nerd to ‘mine’ the personal information of millions of people all around the world, and then to use this information for his own purposes of enrichment.
    If you don’t believe me, you should read the recently published book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich (details can be found in the book section of the info column on the right side my blog) which tells the whole story how Mark Zuckerberg first stole the idea from other people and then constantly betrayed his own partners, in order to grow ever richer ever faster.
    I would never ever become part of such an operation, and if you care for your privacy and personal data safety, you should follow my example.
    And regarding Twitter – which you have joined, I have noticed – there is only one thing to say: What can you tell the world in 140 characters?
    It’s the perfect tool for people like George W. Bush, but those of us who do have and use our own brain should continue to write properly. For this reason alone I think that the F and T distractions will never replace the good and proper weblog.

  18. Emerald – Twitter is a grand tool.  It is so easy to insult someone in less than 140 letters.

    Xbox  Cheeky bastard.  Nice one.  Enjoy!

  19. Diddums – That is weird!  Almost to the day I was asking the same question.  August is obviously the Doldrums Month of blogging.

    I wonder if I’ll write the same post next August?

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