Triteness is the new originality — 10 Comments

  1. Private Eye had a column dedicated to such drivel comments for some time – The Neophiliacs

  2. TT – Meaning that he’s a good motherfucka???  That is weird?

    Ian – Are you referring to comments on this site or that crap I’m writing about?  It could be important?

  3. Since your on about this, here’s one that total makes me see red.  “These ones”  arrrgh…

  4. Good point, Brianf.  If you come here then you are going abroad, therefore it will be hot dry and cheap here?  No, wait….  there’s something wrong there……

    Brighid – There is nothing to confuse like the collective noun?  How many people say ‘the government are’ when it should be ‘the government is’?  I’m probably guilty of that one myself?

  5. Brighid – My pet peeves–“supposubly” and “orientated”.

    tt – Yeah, same in for Vermonters but no matter where it’s said, sometimes “bad” is just bad.

    Grandad – Insult is the new compliment? (mostly in and around New York City though). And “burned at the steak”? That’s either a misspelling or you being very clever?

  6. Oh, not the comments on here! No, the neologisms such as “Longford is the new Chartres” and “staying at home is the new going out” and equally inane stuff.

  7. Kirk M – I will take your criticism of my spelling under the “insult is the new compliment” banner.  Thanks for the compliment.  😉

    Ian – Are there really people out there who are so low on the intelligence scale that they fall for these slogans?

  8. New is the new old?
    I’m with ‘Gift’ Jay Keane when it comes to ‘the new thing’… “[the new thing], is dat de new thing, is it? You wooden know [the new thing] if it bit ya in de arse! Ye langer!”

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