You are cordially invited to a party — 17 Comments

  1. Robert – Great choice.  We can hold a competiton to see who screams the loudest [or lasts the longest?]

  2. Could I possibly bring my own cretin along from my  town in the States? We need to be well rid of him. He’s a lawyer who specialises in getting criminals who should be hanged in public off on technicalities. He also specialises in running for State representative and losing. His name is Duncan Kilmartin rather than something like Joe Padooka so he should fit right in with the rest of your local cretins.

  3. Hiya Neighbour!  Sorry about all those tin cans that somehow ended up on your lawn last week, but you know how it is when your bin is full?  By way of apology, please bring both, though I bags first go at Kenny.

    Kirk M – It’s a free world.  Bring whoever you like, provided you realise you won’t be brining them home again.

  4. Kate – I’m not greedy.  As for lineker?  That little bollix keeps cropping up everywhere – fucking sports programmes, quiz shows, panel shows and those awful unfunny crisp ads.  I’ll never eat another crisp again, especially that brand.

  5. Great idea, Grandad. But since this country of ours is full of cretins, you want to host your party at a venue large enough to accommodate them all.
    Well, not all, of course, because there is no venue in Ireland of that large size. But you might need at least some place like Croke Park, where enough of them gather often anyway. And perhaps you might also need to put up some large video screens outside, for all those who won’t fit in.
    Since you have already Bertie Ahern and Mary Harney, I like to bring Brian Cowen, Mary Coughlan (the Tanaiste, not the singer) and Jackie Healy-Rae along.
    And with regards to ‘swine flu’: Now you know why Mary Harney has the widely used nickname ‘Miss Piggy’.

  6. TT –

    Venue: Wicklow, in the sunny pissing wet South East ot Ireland.

    Time: Any time and all the time for the next six weeks.

    Emerald – Howya Stranger!!  Is Wicklow not big enough?  Should I include Wexford/Carlow/Waterford/Kilkenny??

    P.S. Please include Mary Coughlan the singer as well.  She always sounds so miserable.


  7. I’m alright, more or less. Sneezed twice today, but I don’t think it’s ‘swine flu’. I usually try to stay well clear of pigs…

    Not sure how large Wicklow is exactly. But I think Leinster in its entirety might do it… 🙂
    And I will oblige to bring both Mary Coughlans. After all, I live in a four-seater constituency.

  8. Jeeeeeeezus,Gamma!!!!  That is fucking disgusting.  Unless you mean a different Mary in which case it will more than likely happen.   It usually does.

  9. Can I give Ahern a whack in the goolies? That stuttering little freak has the dubious honour of being the only person I actually actively hate and despise.

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