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  1. Accurate clocks can improve accuracy of “delivery” systems or you can simply increase the yield.

  2. I reckon clocks have disappeared from the the tv because there’s a surfeit of them everywhere else now – down in the corner of the computer, computer screensaver, on mobile phones, mp3 players, car dashboards, etc. You can even get one inserted under the skin on your wrist. I’m not sure what you do if it breaks down though.

    Ach, if these clocks are a few minutes out, what’s the worst that can happen……. nuclear devices excepted.
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  3. Those ICBM’s were not meant for the local council but for Brussells instead.

  4. NTP synchronised (Internet synchronised) time is generally pretty accurate, if you’ve got a good client, though most computer clocks are inclined to run slightly slow.

  5. Jim C – I like to do both. Accuracy with a big bang.

    Charmed – There are too many damned clocks. One two minute power cut, and I have to spend the rest of the day resetting everything. But I need some way of getting them set to the right time. It doesn’t matter to me if the cooker isn’t synchronised with the guinea pig cage, but I like my watch to be accurate.

    TT – So how do you know how old you are now? Or are you just going to stick at forty?

    Brianf – I wouldn’t nuke my council! Apart from anything else, I would be in the fall out zone. I need the accuracy so I don’t accidentally wipe out Zurich instead of Brussels.

    Robert – What I will do is this….. I’ll set my time to Interweb time and launch at New York. If I wipe out Boston, then I’ll know it’s not quite so accurate. I think that is fair enough???

  6. Destroying New York is SO passe. It’s so five minutes ago. Now blasting Boston off the globe would be a great and wonderful thing. Think of all the ‘Northeatern Liberals’ you could take out with one big bang. I love the idea.
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  7. Brianf – I’m sorry. I didn’t know there was a fashion sense involved. Maybe if I flattened Los Angeles? It would have the advantage of removing all those pathetic ‘celebrities’?

  8. Need IEEE 1588, that’ll get you down to nano-seconds, and light only travels a foot a nano-second (in free space). Should give good weapons accuracy.

  9. I once knew a guy who claimed that there were only 2 times that mattered, Daytime & Nightime, said he never required a watch as he didn’t go out in the daytime & at nightime he went home when the pub closed.
    He never worked, never looked stressed, was always relaxed and rested, I hated the prick.

    I no longer wear a watch, don’t need it anymore, everywhere I look I see the time, a constant reminder of how much work there is and of how little time there is to do it. Clocks on the wall, clocks on the computer, mobile phone, in the car, every fucking place I look. Maybe the lazy bollox was right afterall !!

  10. Time is just a human invention that deludes us into thinking we know what’s going on!


  11. TT – As long as you remember that the throb of the knob is constant?

    Lafsword – I’m getting to that stage myself. The real reason I carry a watch is to remind myself what day of the week it is. That is important, as I have to know when to put the bins out for collection.

    Mick – Do you thing that if we all ignored it, that it would stop?

  12. Ah, but if we decimalised time we’d be just as happy, i mean what’s wrong with 100 minutes in an hour, think how much more we’d get done…

    Hey, that would probably sort the recesion out as well – put the public sector on the new clock and pay them an hourly rate!

    Alarming but true (I rest my questionable case!)
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  13. I’m lucky re the bin thing, my neighbour is a complete freak and puts his out early the day before it’s due to be collected, so I know when and what colour bin to put out.

    He also cuts the grass in his socks & washes his car when it rains.

  14. I lost my watch, my computer won’t boot, the battery’s dead in my cell phone, same for my truck, the tube blew out in my TV, I haven’t set the time on DVD, VCR, microwave or various digital clocks since the power went out yesterday, the grandfather clock needs winding and I can’t find the key and the clock/temp sign at the Fire station shorted out after the heavy rain last night.

    So what time is it?
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