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  1. So they’re waiting for an 11% pay rise? Why not just give them the 1% they’d be left with after the 10% cut they’d have to take anyway? Back date nothing.

    As for Cadbury’s, they’re going to close anyway. To the best of my knowledge they only produce the standard Dairymilk block bars in Coolock, everything else comes from the UK.

    And with large chains beginning to buy direct from the UK for better deals, they’ll close anyway.
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  2. humm, am a bit upset about the chocolate – “only produce the standard Dairymilk block bars” my God man, why they are the best – we could do without all the rest!
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  3. Maxi – Because they claim they are owed the pay rise from before the recession.

    Why are the two of you on about chocolate? What about the Guinness? That is classed as essential supplies.

  4. Awww, poor liddle electwicians.

    My colleagues and I got a pay cut of 10% in 2002. We got minimal pay increases of about 2% a year after that.

    Why? Becuase IC design services in Ireland was screwed by Indian bargain basement prices. That’s just life. Feck all to be done about it. Did I whinge? Well, yes as it happens, but to no avail. Face reality people, it’s hard but it’s unavoidable.

  5. Thrifty – Unfortunately, they have their greedy little fingers on the lightswitch, and they know it.

    TT – As always, I do my best. 😐

  6. Not the sharpest tools in the shed ey? I don’t think we’ve had a strike here since 2003 …everyone’s too paranoid about losing their jobs. You need an exercise bike with a gyro generatory thingy on it to power your PC, candles and a backyard fire will take care of the lights and boiling water. Guinness? Well, I think the world might be a better place without it frankly. And they make it in New Zealand so you could import it in little cans with fizzy widgets in the bottom.
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  7. The whoopee cushion on ol’ sparky appeals to my rather warpped sense of humor. I think it should be standard practice.

    And what the electricians don’t seem to realize is that if the power goes out while they’re on strike their respective houses will be dark as well. They’ll probably end up suing themselves for not being on the job when they needed them like as not.

    Guinness? So perhaps it’s time to start your own basement home brew operation? I have a fine recipe I could send you.
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  8. Where have these people and their bloody unions been for the past year?, surely they have noticed there is little or no work out there at the moment & therefore they should be grateful for what they have..

    The best thing about this whole mess is that as the current job these guys are on finishes they will be laid off anyway as there is no more work, so their strike and demands are pointless.

    Maybe they could picket the dept of Social Welfare for increases in dole payments because they are the skilled unemployed.

  9. Baino – I have an exercise bike with a dynamo. At 60mph, it provides enough power for the kettle and the puter. Unfortunately, Herself objects to using it for some strange reason. Please retract that crack about Guinness, or you will no longer be welcome here!!!

    Kirk M – I tried home brewing before, I accidentally put in too much sugar and was pissed for a month after the first pint. Since then, I sell it to NASA.

    Lafsword – Maybe they all know they are soon to be out of a job? Maybe they reckon that strike pay is better than no pay? Maybe they aren’t so dim after all?

  10. I take it the point of your title is that without Guinness what comes out your arse will be brown as opposed to black?

  11. Perhaps you should change to gas(?) it boils the kettle OK. Don’t think anybody’s connected their computer to the gas mains yet though…
    G’arn! Be the first!
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  12. Thrifty – Do you have to be so crude? I was referring to a drop in power levels, of course.

    Gari – I have a thing against gas, ever since Herself blew me up. It’s a long story, but most of my hair and skin is back in place now.

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