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  1. What’s this then?

    Nattering on in public, trying to get folks to feel sorry for you?

    Tell herself to give you you one across the chops; maybe that’ll bring you to your senses.

    “…no one reads it anyway.”

    Really, you ought to be ashamed..
    .-= >> Doc´s latest brainfart .. Prologue =-.

  2. Grandad,
    Its all about attitude, yours, mine, Minnie’s, et al and read???, hell I can’t wait to see your missives, keeps me grounded and a few laughs during the day only helps! Keep it “up” in every way you can, thanks!

  3. Doc – I don’t give a shite what people think of me. If they want to feel sorry/pleased/contempt/love/whatever, then that’s fine in my book. The last time Herself gave me one across the chops, she regretted it. It nearly spoiled our wedding day.

    John O – So you are my second reader? That’s nice. I keep it up as often as I can, but at my age…………

  4. What I want to know Grandad, is what do guinea pigs test upon? Smaller guinea pigs, I expect.

    But don’t be fooled by Minnie’s evolution-allocated, passive demeanour. If that (guinea) pig could, it would adorably slit the throats of every human on earth. ‘Tis in their nature. All that’s stopping them from seizing control of this planet in an orgy of cute blood lust, is their lack of opposable thumbs. If natural selection gifts them the thumbs, then God help us. God help us all…

  5. “Doc – I don’t give a shite what people think of me.”

    Ahh…that’s better.
    .-= >> Doc´s latest brainfart .. Prologue =-.

  6. Max likes to sit on top of Hendrix’s cage (same scenario) but Hendrix like to nibble anything that comes through the bars – its very funny to watch!!!
    .-= >> Kate´s latest brainfart .. Once bitten……. =-.

  7. I read you every day and love your attitude but i think I’ll pass up on my visit just in case you mistake me for American.Wtg Minnie.

  8. Vicky – The yoke is still in hospital. It probably won’t be out until the end of next week. I send it flowers every day.

    Doc – 🙂

    Kate – Is Max your partner? That is very weird!

    Charmed – How long is it since you were in here? I don’t keep track of these things. Maybe I should install a timeclock?

    June – How could I possibly mistake you for an American? I’ll have you know that people from Over There have actually visited Head Rambles Manor [and lived to tell the tale].

  9. Kate – There is no need to call him names just because he fancies his chances with a guinea pig?

    TT – You never asked !!!!!!

  10. I’ll have you know that I had to read your post in order to comment. Actually I didn’t actually have to read it just to post a comment but in an attempt at keeping things in perspective I decided to anyway.

    Oh hell, now I’ve lost track of what you wrote in the first place so I have to go back and read it all again.

    BTW, I like the way you’re taking care of business. Just shut ’em all down and let the bits sort themselves out on their own time. Meanwhile, kick back and have a pint on me (and say hello to K8 for me would you?).
    .-= >> Kirk M´s latest brainfart .. Life in the slow lane. =-.

  11. Flann – You got trapped in the bowels of my site somehow. My software is more discerning than I thought? I am well aware of Minnies ambitions for world domination, and am currently experimenting on cloning thumbs. Results on the neighbour’s cat are quite encouraging.

    Kirk M – I’m very sorry you had to read it. It really isn’t necessary. I don’t thing most readers do, judging by some of the comments I get. I had the pint last night – it was nice, cool and creamy. Many thanks.

  12. You didn’t post the video you made of the kitten antics? Don’t be afraid of the dirty laugh, it’s a Rambles family trait, to be enjoyed and shared! The world needs a Muttley revival.
    .-= >> K8´s latest brainfart .. White Sage =-.

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