The death of a Superstar? — 11 Comments

  1. Wha? Don’t you dare even think about it. We can rebuild him… we have the technology…

  2. EMum – I’m doing my best. I have to build a CD to fix the machine, and that is not working well. I’m hangin’ in, but only just……..

  3. Becky – I hope not. I’m about to do some surgery.

    If I don’t make it through, think kindly of me and light a candle when the power runs out.

  4. No sense in “passing on”. I don’t think you and Farrah Fawcett are headed for the same place. You might meet Mikey though.

  5. The only possible reason you’d be taken out is if you were to close to the machine when it blew up. Besides, if I can’t quit then you can’t so forget it. Is this your “new” laptop your speaking of or your old beater?
    .-= >> Kirk M´s latest brainfart .. Lacking posts but accomplishing more? =-.

  6. Jim C – Aw Jayzus! I hope not Mikey? I’d smash his nose in if he had one….

    Maxi – Don’t worry. I always get Herself to check your links first.

    Kirk M – The new fucker. It seems to be working now. I found one dud file! Will we be the last two left at the end?

  7. Okay, I replied to your last comment but it got away from me so I decided to dump it.

    Of course, if you really wanted to read it….

    Keep going….

    Grandad – The last ones? God, I hope not. We’d end up in the doldrums for certain if we were the only two left cruising around on working PC’s. But now that I think of it there’s always the Mac crowd but I’m not sure if they’re tech savvy enough to fix a rotten Apple if they needed too with all that “It Just Works” stuff they keeping blowing their horn about (is that a tease or what?). Of course there’s the Linux folks too but 0.9% is pretty scarce when you start cruising around the ol’ WWW.

    Now what was I saying?
    .-= >> Kirk M´s latest brainfart .. Lacking posts but accomplishing more? =-.

  8. Mmm… so that’s where my Trojan Horse went…
    Was trying to ‘take it out’ with a counter virus: i.e., W’evil’ Worm (sent to me free from a worm espionage site) when the fecking equine suddenly charged off screaming something about telling its Grandad…?
    Stuck with that wretched worm now – which is multiplying rapidly and threatening to take over world computers tonight at… sigh… ‘Bout time I bought ‘Internet for Dummies’ I’m thinking.
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