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  1. The big switch didn’t work out so well, they’ve sold your details to spammers and telemarketers.

    Expect calls and emails offering pills for small organs. More so than usual in your case….
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  2. Maxi – It’s OK.. they already had them. I don’t have a small organ, or even a piano for that matter?

  3. i know that is just crazy and thats the reason why i dont shop online. I am a bit afraid that they might clone my lazer card good luck in them trying because i have no cash on the card ha ha
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  4. I just love the phrase “To release a laptop”, Grandad.

    Unfortunately, you are wrong. They released it, but they didn’t prepare it properly for public use, at least so they claim:

    “Managing director of Bord Gáis Energy Dave Bunworth said this morning the stolen laptop containing the account details of 75,000 customers would be “very difficult to get into” despite it not being encrypted.”

    Very difficult to get into – what does it mean, exactly? That it’s really, really tightly closed?
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  5. Vicky – It’s a lot safer to shop on line than it is to get sick or use electricity!!

    Jedrzej – I contacted Dave in the interests of clarity and he explained that the laptop’s account is password protected. I asked his what the password is and he told me it’s “‘password’ of course”. So it is very difficult to get into. [Unless, of course, you know the word ‘password’?]

  6. Well it’s good to see that Ireland is following the lead of our banks and government institutions. Every few weeks we read about a banks laptop or, usually, a Dept. of Defense laptop being liberated and no they’re never encrypted , ya’ know, like mine and everyone else at my office is.
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  7. Brianf – They are at it over in the UK too. It seems to be a world wide commitment to share information. About time too!!

    TT – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    TT – You can come off the naughty step now.

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