A cabal in our midst — 10 Comments

  1. It does explain why aliens have never visited Earth….there is no intelligent life here.

  2. Thank you for the word “cabal”. When I saw the word in your writing I was not familiar with the meaning but alas I am finding out that I can depend on Grandad to enlighten. That being said, what a f_ _ _’n perfect word to describe the
    government(s) here in the states. Some people here are ready of course to throw our current President under the bus, but you know what its all of “them”.
    democrats and republicans, they’re all in bed with one another and to hell with the people who put them in office. I really can’t wait for the revolution that will get rid of the whole lot and then we can start over???

  3. DAMN! I typed a long reply in here, and now it’s gone….. 🙁

    Thrifty – Too long to read, and life is short!

    Jim C – Apart from you and me?

    John O – It’s a nice word all right. It just came to mind when I was pondering the subject, so I looked it up to confirm what I thought it meant. I think it is time to resurrect it as an everyday word? 😉

  4. I am with you 100%, we should all try to use the word as a rallying point; get the word out there, make people find our what it means, get people to think (there’s a novel concept). I can envision placards with just the word and a phrase: “Cabal- is it ‘your’ government?”

  5. Well our mob have John Howard’s six billion dollar savings assigned to the toilet bowl and permisson to borrow a further 200million (God knows where frmo) but at least they’re on a wage freeze. They get paid more towards their pensions than any other worker in Australia. Just so you don’t feel too alone up there!
    .-= >> Baino´s latest brainfart .. Someday =-.

  6. So Gramps, do you start a counter-cabal that trumphs they’er Cabal….Think, drugs, sex and rock an roll, a revolution that nobody shows up for…eh ?
    Are we stoned enough to give a rats ass yet ? We wonder and are never dissappointed by what dos’nt happen, eh ?

    So, go out on the Manor and take a piss, bring a bush back to life, its all we can do to insure nature takes her course.


  7. Baino – Our lot couldn’t afford ten million to protect the current generation of girls from cervical cancer, but suddenly they can find four billion to pump into a bank which had been giving bad loans to their pals the builders!

    RWG – Where you bin? Out prospecting? I do think sex drugs and rock and roll should be the answer. As Herself always says – you can sort anything out with a pint, an old time waltz and a good ride.

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