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  1. I’ve never even seen one in real life, but everything was built better then and to see those things still in use (Trains, Houses, Castles) shows how they were built for purpose and occassion.

    Not profit.
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  2. Poor old Grandad! You must have a schedule as busy as mine, not being able to squeeze in any of the excursions.

    I must thank you, though, for bringing them to my attention. We are lucky here in Wexford to have short jaunts available to us, next Sunday and again on July 5th – leaving town at 14:15, quick stop in Rosslare and turn around to make it home in time for tea at 16:30. Ok, I know I should really say “quarter past two” and “half past four”, the twenty-four hour clock having no place in the age of steam!

    Unfortunately next Sunday’s trip clashes with the Wexford v Dublin hurling, but maybe I’d get more enjoyment out of a journey back in time…

    BTW, I was recently in the Ulster Transport Museum – spent many hours amongst their fine examples of steam locomotives, as well as their car, bike, bicycle and aerospace exhibits. Well worth a visit!


  3. Maxi – Never even seen one? You don’t know what you are missing! Take a look!

    Francis – It’s more a case of health than schedule. Maybe I’ll make it? The more I think about it, the more I am tempted.

  4. Grandad,
    You could not have said it better, “….beauty and functionality.” I truly think that is what is meant by “wake up and smell the roses” Thanks for a little trip down memory lane.

  5. Thank you, John O. I do my best. There are so many things of great value that are being lost to future generations.

  6. Wonderful! We have a steam trust railway in the next village and they have time travelling days – I love them!
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  7. Wonderful wonderful post, and photo. We ride steam trains whenever we can; there’s a wonderful trip to take near Elkins West Virginia, where we’ll be in a few weeks’ time.

    My Daddy was a locomotive engineer; I love my trains!
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  8. Oh Grandad. I remember sitting on railway bridges as a child taking down train registration numbers for no particular reason and getting bathed in soot as the locomotives went under the bridge . .that’s when ‘trainspotting’ had a completely different connotation. There’s still a few that are brought out for special trips here and well worth the struggle to take a ride. I hope you can muster the strength, they’re great things. They smell great, they sound great! Love ’em.
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  9. Hi Grandad,
    first time poster, long time lurker.

    I know exactly what you mean about the steam train. I was introduced to them by my hubby at the tender age of 27, him being a bit of a trainspotter. So enamoured was I with steam train travel we decided to use one as the mode of transport from our wedding to our wedding reception a few weeks ago. Mind you, we do live in the south of england where we have a number of heritage railways. I think they’re the dogs myself. The ones here run special evening and weekend events like real ale and fish and chip specials.

    I love your blog but this post really touched my sentimental side.

    Lovely Stuff

  10. Welcome Becky! Lurkers are always welcome here, and congratulations on the wedding!

    As a child, I did a lot of rail travel for various reasons, and that was in the age of steam. I have wonderful memories of the Holyhead to Euston line [the old Mail Train] and well remember watching the locomotives shunting in Rugby in the small hours of the morning as the mail was loaded.

    There is a much stronger tradition of preservation in the UK, and sadly most of our rail lines are long closed. We too had our Beeching! I envy you your many excursions.

    Sorry for being sentimental. It happens every now and then in an unguarded moment.

  11. I love train travel, and this post has confirmed my suspicion that I am missing out big time by never having travelled by steam train. They should resurrect a few for the Western Rail Corridor when it’s finished, in 2095. In the meantime I’ll just keep re-watching The General.

  12. It wasn’t just that the smuts came in the window – it was there was also the pain of having to lean out the window to open the door, and getting soot all over your sleeves!

    Somerset has two steam railways West and East – don’t think there are many other counties that can make such a claim.
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