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  1. If you actually would physically ‘run’ them I would pay to see it.

    I watched a drunk chase a fella on a bike once and it was the one of the funniest things I’ve ever clapped eyes on.

    And anyway, problems? what are they?
    .-= Xbox4NappyRash´s last brainfart ..Zwanger =-.

  2. If you’re not busy, you could come round and bag a few rabbits with your gun. In fact, if you run a cyclist into a ditch first, you could nick his bike and cycle round…

  3. Dear Grandad, I have a problem. On Sundays I like to go for a casual cycle but of late it’s almost as if people are trying to knock me down. Do you think I should kick the cars or settle for dissuasive hand gestures – like semaphore?
    .-= Eolai´s last brainfart ..#187 She Hadn’t Wanted To Come Camping =-.

  4. Hi Daddy Xbox. I’ll bring a camera, but I’m not cheap. I normally use the car, but I’m not averse to throwing branches through their spokes. That can be quite spectacular.

    No. You do have fewer problems now? 😉

  5. E Mum – I saw you had some small rabbit problems. You don’t need me though. You have Bert.

    Eolai – My advice to you is to get a quad-bike. Casual Sunday cyclists are the worst. Whereabouts will you be? I could head in that direction? Hand gestures are always interpreted as a desire to be run over, by the way.

  6. Fewer?

    I honestly can’t think of a single one.

    Except the church. And the politicians. And the bankers. And my neighbours. And the weather.
    .-= Xbox4NappyRash´s last brainfart ..Zwanger =-.

  7. I hope you mean a bicyclist and not a motorcyclist.
    I’m with you on what to do today. I’m going to blow off going to the cathedral and feeding the homeless. Instead I think I’ll go tourist hunting. There are a bunch of stuff going on downtown and there’s sure to be New Yorkers and New Jerseyites all out and about.
    .-= >> Brianf´s last brainfart .. The Spring Primary Vote =-.

  8. Now that’s a fine traditional country Sunday afternoon well spent. Bravo Grandad and good luck—I hope you mostly get the ones who had planned to head to the Northwest after Wicklow. The Sligo road’s getting impassible lately.

  9. Brianf – Of course I mean bicyclists. I get motorcycles by strining a cable across the road at neck height, which is a completely different sport. You realise you are still helping the homeless? Every New Yorker or New Jerseyite you dispatch frees up a home somewhere?

    Susan – Quite frankly, I’m not pushed about where they are comming from, or going to. If they are on the same road as me, they are fair game.

  10. Not all cyclists are bad. They just need to be doing it in park lanes and in velodromes rather than on the roads.

  11. I’ve had the wire across the road to get me on the bicycle here in Dublin West. It gives you two options: Stop, and get beaten up, or ride on and slice your head off. Luckily a car beat me to it and snapped it to give me a free run.

    A quad-bike? Would that be an 8-wheeler then (4×2)?
    .-= >> Eolai´s last brainfart .. #187 She Hadn’t Wanted To Come Camping =-.

  12. TheChrisD – Did I say they were bad? The only bad ones are the ones who insist on using the public road and/or wear those hideous lycra shiney things [with clumps of bananas on their head]. The latter get a particularly nasty end, simple because their ends look particularly nasty in shiney black lycra.

    Eolai – What else do you expect in Dublin West? Those cars are a damned curse though! That is an interesting interpretation of a quad bike. You are indeed correct, if a little pedantic. 😉

  13. So I have to go right on thinking I’m a Wombat? You always talk me out of it on Sundays.
    .-= >> RhodesTer´s latest brainfart .. =-.

  14. There’s nothing really wrong with those “hideous lycra shiney things”. They do tend to work wonders for anime costuming 😉

  15. Rhodester – How many times have I told you – you are not a wombat. Now get back to Australia and practice your digging.

    TheChrisD – Are animes something to do with children’s cartoons. I’m afraid I am ignorant in these matters.

  16. Anime is a Japanese art form frequently expressed through animation, but also through graphic novelization. It tends to focus on dark and somewhat violent stories wherein the hero is frequently portrayed as a tortured soul, and the villains sometimes have heartfelt moments and at times even redemption.

    It’s usually not something for children (with the exception of Sailor Moon and like productions); a fact that hardcore enthusiasts seem to get very upset about if you’re not aware of it.

    Note – not a hardcore enthusiast. Brother-in-law is.
    .-= >> RhodesTer´s latest brainfart .. =-.

  17. Waddya mean – ‘back on form’? I’m always on form. I just felt sorry for some of my readers, but got damn all thanks for it.

  18. There you go then ….. you are much better at being a rogue and a part time terrorist! You won’t get thanked for that either but its much more fun!!!!
    .-= >> Kate´s latest brainfart .. What a week! =-.

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