Tortoise on steroids — 12 Comments

  1. The past week or so your site has been painfully slow. Today it seems better. Everytime I wrench on my site I always end up with a puddle of data on the floor and a few spare parts left over. Do you need a horizontal database compression tool…with a left hand drive shaft and a compressed air hook up on it?

  2. Maxi – True enough. Do I throw them out, or should I keep them in the attic?

    Brianf – I am giving it constant kicks up the arse. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t! Could you forward that compressor please I could also do with a Hydraulic Stylesheet Torque Wrench if you have one?

  3. If you don’t find a place for those spare variables send them my way would you? I’ve got a collection of the things floating around in a concentrated PHP base with a SQLite resin. I’m hoping to accumulate enough free floating variables to cause spontaneous dividing. Who knows what might happen? A randomly spawned blogging engine?

    Could you call that organic then?

  4. Kirk M – Do you want the floating variables or do you prefer string?

    Maxi – It’s already overflowing with man-things.

    Baino & TheChrisD – After all my trouble, the fucking thing is still broke. Bollox.

  5. Wow, that comment went through? All I know is once I submitted it, the page locked up and wouldn’t load anything… 😐

  6. working like a charm this morning. Did you delete Woopra. I can’t see it in the bottom tool bar when the page loads as usual, and it was way, way faster today. Comment loading is still very slow though.

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