Big Brother is watching you — 16 Comments

  1. So let me get this straight, being female, in my thirties, with kids, and having no third level education means I can’t visit anymore?

    I’ll go then…


  2. typical reader…soooo close, but no, not me. Ah well, I’ll keep reading in secret, through my rss reader, where noone can see me…

  3. Typical eh?
    I’ll have you know that I have a kid, 21 years old, and I’m typing this from my office at work.
    Geez! Next you’ll be calling me common, everyday, ordinary and regular.

  4. It’s quite a relief to know that no one under 24 reads my site. I hate these hoodies hanging around cluttering up the place.

    Hey! We’re not all hoodies you know!

  5. Cathy – Are you not male and fifty? It’s funny how perceptions can be so off.

    Brianf – I would never call you ordinary. Common, everyday and regular, maybe, but not ordinary. That’s a neat trick with the web cam though. They must be counting themselves so?

    TheChrisD – The only reason you aren’t a hoodie is because Baby Bear keeps you on the straight and narrow. He told me that when we met.

  6. Well, hi yourself. That’s what I get for carrying around that top secret clearance all those years. Funny thing is I don’t have a web cam and none of my snoops I keep hidden around the house have detected any either. Sounds like someone’s passing inside information to me.

    Glad you feel I’m well educated though. I’ve fooled a lot of people about that.

  7. Kirm M – I didn’t like to mention that they can use the screen as a camera. I didn’t want to scare people. Of course you are well educated. You know how to use a full-stop, don’t you?

    Jim C – It must be true, it’s on Head Rambles.

  8. Oh yeah, I forgot about the two-way screen (oh, dreaded shades of 1984!). Must be getting on. A full-stop? Let’s see now. That had something to do with a large red button mounted on a square yellow box didn’t it?

  9. GOT DAMN IT!!! That information is classified!
    We can find people any way we please.
    Oh, and by the way we KNOW all of your readers!
    Why do you think we use this Brianf guys account to contact you?
    I hope you know we only moved that van because of the administration change.
    You see we’re not the NKVD and we can’t operate across different administrations.
    Damn they’re SO lucky.
    Anyways with this new guy in the White House we are going to be doing whatever we feel like doing.

  10. I was about to say, that my webcam only cost 15 squids(thats hoodie for euros) in Tesco. I was about to point out that the CIA would have no way of accessing our webcams and collating our data like that, i was even about to point out that a Washington Van in The wild west of Ireland would not be a very clever disguise for Ivy league covert police types… I was about to,

    But then it always takes me a second to realise when people are taking the Piss.

    Even it seems, on websites that I regularly read for their utter pisstakedness!

    Can anybody recommend a course of action? (preferably pharmacalogical)

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