Too hot for decisions — 8 Comments

  1. Grandad, you have a faulty thermometer, it’s 21 degrees and for the first time in living memory, it’s hotter in Ireland in the summer than it is in Sydney in the winter, we’re freezing at 19 . .seriously . .If I didn’t have a pair of bed sox and a UCD hoodie I’d be stuffed! Go for a swim!

  2. Maxi – I may go out and look for Sandy’s hole. Do you want to give me a hand with that?

    Baino – You are a pain in the arse. I have not got a faulty thermometer, and you have forced me into photographing the damned thing.

    32 deg

  3. your right it is very hot i think the best thing you can do is crack open a tinnie to cool down and sit some comfortable and watch the world go by.

  4. Jim C – Made in China! I wouldn’t use those European ones. They have tweaked them to convince us that there is a thing called Global Warming. 😉

    Vicky – That is just what I am doing….!

  5. Last weekend was just like that here. I got a mess of yardwork done with the help of a nephew. That lasted a whole 3 to 4 hours. The rest of the weekend was spent not doing yardwork and enjoying the fact it was warm and sunny. The past three days here have been like an Irish summer, cold, rainy, grey and overcast. So enjoy the lovely weather while you have it.

  6. Well, that was a nice day. I spent the whole day not doing work or felling trees or munching waste. On the whole it was very productive…

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