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  1. you’re on feckin’ fine form with this one.
    This celebrity crap has to end somewhere.
    Just another product to be used and abused, I’m surprised her father with his experience has allowed it, unless he’s getting a fat cash cut too?

  2. I don’t feel sorry for her, she is a self promotion machine, sure she is only 16 but hey she is already rich beyond her wildest dreams. She is obnoxious in comparison to a lot of child stars that have come before, the faster and more public her gigantic her monumental burnout is, the more amused I shall be.

  3. Mike – I’m always in fine form!

    Red – For fuck’s sake, she’s only a child. She hasn’t the faintest idea of what she has gotten into. Those same riches will destroy her, I can guarantee. And the father should be shot. He is the one who is wrecking his daughter’s future.

  4. Yeah, poor thing will have $50 million and not a thing to do. I think I feel an adoption proceeding coming on.

  5. The CIA – I should have recognised your amateurish crap handywork.

    Sixty – Do you really want that squeaking around your house all day?

  6. Not being very worldly wise, I caused hilarity at a friend’s house by confusing the aforementioned Ms Cyprus with Dora the Explorer – except that I thought Dora was called Nora.

    I would have raged against such puerile rubbish as Hannah Montana in the past – now I just think people get the crap they choose.

  7. I cant stand her for love nor money. Shes like a laxative shes the Irritates hell out of me. She was on johnathon Ross a few weeks back and watching that interview was like watching paint dry. Oh god shes so vile she would be up there with jordan and paris hiltion. I have to say i really do love your blog so much. Reading you blog and getting it send to me via email is the highlight of my day. Keep up the good work.

  8. You too, Grandad, can be one of her almost 600,000 Twitter followers! – She says fascinating things like “whoever thought chocolate covered skittles were a good idea…. hmmmmm.2:35 AM May 14th from mobile web” AND “i am over bugs. i dont like them. they freak me out. they buzz all night long and one just bit me on the face!!! uhh! bugs sucks!2:04 AM May 14th from mobile web”

    I, for one, am riveted.

  9. Yes of course Grandad, she has no idea what she has gotten into, but she is a rude little toe rag regardless, and Billy Ray Cyrus is the sole reason for all the worlds current and future problems.

  10. Ian – I’m afraid we are getting old [and wise]. I know all about Dora though. And incidentally, it’s Cyrus, not Cyprus! Heh!

    TT – Now now! Behave yourself. You’re probably old enough to be her great-grandfather!

    Vicky – What idiot thought a sixteen year old would have enough interesting things to say to a television audience? Boy, am I glad I missed that programme!

    RhodesTer – Oh good fuck!!!! 600,000 followers for that tripe? And I bet you’re one of them!

    Red – Of course she is a rude little toe rag. Put any child on a pedestal like that and they will quickly become obnoxious. It’s all part of the fucking up process.

  11. RhodesTer – There is a name for people who like looking at semi-undressed pictures of underage children. 😉

  12. Hey, now hold-yer-horses there, damgrad.. that was the result of a quick Google search.. s’not like I have it bookmarked or saved or anything.. *harummph*

  13. “Hannah Montana” is the exact reason that I do not let my toddlers watch TV: Disney has manipulated a pedophile’s desire into enormous amounts of cash.

    Yes, the child is 16 now; Disney has been pimping her for the last 3 years.

    Her father ought to be horse-whipped, brought back to consciousness (by applying salt to his wounds), and then whipped again.

  14. Hannah / Miley is the product not just of Disney but of her father. His 15 minutes of fame was cut about 14 minutes short when his one hit song was recognized as the annoying caterwauling that it was. He is now trying to get a redo of his career through her.

  15. Jim C,
    Could not have said it better! When are we going to stop giving so much attention to something or someone so irrelevant? Her father even had a photo shoot of her that made her look like a whore and he was even in one of the pics with her, I don’t get it??? Oh what a minute, yes I do, its called greed!

  16. RhodesTer – C’mon now. Admit it. You’re smitten.

    TT – Heh!! I suppose it depends on how old the 16 year old is?

    Doc & Jim C – I do blame the father. The original article I read talked about how she was originally rejected for the part, but he kept pressing until she finally got in. He is certainly not fit to be a father.

  17. I saw her being interviewed on the Jonathan Ross show. She is really loud and behaves like someone with Attention-Deficit Disorder or Asbergers Syndrome. It wouldn’t surprise me if she is ADD – which makes the exploitation of her even more despicable.

  18. Can’t agree more! She’s far from the best singer, and full of talent. Famous aul fella, that’s about it.

  19. John O – While doing my research into this, I serached Google Images, and most of the photographs were not they type I would like to see of my daughter.

    Dorothy – It sounds like I was very lucky to miss that. If the YouTube videos are anything to go by, she is pretty obnioxious!

    RhodesTer – Grrrrr! 😈 And here was I expecting a photo of Coffeesister!

    Kevin – Famous aul fella? I barely knew the name.

  20. If the girl is 16 and worth $25million and on the paparrazi roundabout it won’t take long for the cocaine monster to show up on her shoulder. Prediction- she hits 17 and starts seeing some greasy chancer who daddy doesn’t like. Cue big row, daddy gets a lawyer, daughter gets a lawyer and the Hollywood paps get a new Mercedes to chase around.

    Britney is dead. Long live Britney.

  21. i just jiggled my thighs and they shook on their own for 3 mississipis no more late night lucky charms

    What the hell is that about? The mind boggles!

  22. Wow Grandad! You have hit a nerve here. A very painful one I might add. I cannot STAND that show. Or that girl, God bless her, because she has no idea of what’s down the line. I refuse to let my daughter watch her TV show or go to her “movies”. If you could call them that. And the book? Well, like you say it’s all a load of *****. I feel fear for the youth when I think of all the children who model themselves on this “child” who has been taken total advantage of by her father and the media and Disney. She is simply, exploited, in my humble opinion. And her voice? I sat through a talent show at my daughter’s show where about 25 out of 37 acts (I did need to drink afterwards… heh) were of little girls gyrating to and lip-syncing to none other than : the infamous Cyrus. Ugh! She has a mundane, average voice. I can sing better. (I lie not). And I feel sick, at the way the media has built her up and revered her.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I really needed to on that topic. We think very alike Grandad. It’s nice to know someone else out there feels the same about these things! 🙂

  23. Tricia – I have never seen the show, been to the movie film, read the book or listened to her singing apart from a brief foray into YouTube. I don’t want to, as I can see similar stuff any time of day or night on the Children’s Channels. When I wrote this, I confess I didn’t expect much of a reaction, but as you say – I do seem to have hit a nerve!

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