Give my head peace — 22 Comments

  1. Grandad, really a WHITE dress. Even an off ivory would not be appropriate. Make a lovely ruby red would suit you better.

  2. Jim C – Feck off. I am as pure as the driven snow. [Have you ever driven snow?]

    Maxi – I bet you would. Pervert.

    Paul – Stoppit! You’re making me blush. Welcome back, by the way! 😉

  3. The handbag’s a perfect touch…although really I’d consider blue to match the chapeau.

    Have a wonderful time!

  4. oh, dad. poor, poor dad.

    i am so ashamed. you were raised better than that.

    …those fuckin’ flower do NOT go with that ensemble.

  5. Susan – Something old, something new?

    Doc – Sorry, Son, but that’s the way it is. I want something to match the colour of my eyes.

  6. I know what you mean about organising, I hate it. I’m in the process of moving house at the moment, which must be one of the most complicated rigmaroles on earth. It’s totally doing my head in.

    Love the photo. I had no idea you’d kept your sylph-like figure so successfully. That waist – amazing!

  7. Nick – I get plenty of exercise stalking tourists walking the mountains.

  8. Sure hope and pray I don’t get THAT flu.I pray for peace for thy head but I’m afraid u may need a full body miracle.

  9. Just got back from Eire’ and had a great time in Doolin with Kevin Griffin, Skip, and Johnny, thanks for letting me get home with out a shot being fired. By The way I never thought you would look so good in Irish lace!

  10. Hmmmmm!?
    Seems a bit over the top to me. Why not a lovely black evening dress. A short one to show off your legs. You could still wear your Wellies with it and of course the wool cap too. I think the white one is just too much for you to pull off at your age.

  11. In a getup like that the boys out here would pepper your hide with buckshot & hang you on the fence with the rest of the miserable ol crossdressing coyotes. xoxo

  12. Sandra – Why? What’s wrong with my body?

    John O – And you never called in for a pint? I am disgusted. Don’t expect to get off so lightly next time.

    Prin – Corset? CORSET?? I will have you know, that is my natural figure! How dare you.

    Brianf – I like to make an effort occasionally. I may change into the black backless number later in the day. It depends on the weather. Personally, I have no problem with white, unless there is blood around. And I’m wearing my special pin-stripe wellies.

    Brighid – Ha ha ha ha ha!! I would like to see them try. I’d laugh at their best.

  13. Had I known how to reach you that would have been my first and only call, sorry for the omission. Great craic and ceol, Kevin plays the 4 string like no one else can and Johnny was pissed as a newt. The next day everyone in Doolin knew who I was and pretty much all that was said, my cover was blown! Managed to sneak through customs several pieces of sod, and I’ll fire them up and dream. Also heard and purchased Christy Moores newest “Listen”, brilliant.

  14. TT – You ought to get out more.

    John O – You seem to know how to reach me here? And could you please stop robbing our bogs. I need them to accommodate your fellow countrymen.

  15. Think you will have to take a leaf from you own book and smoke something other than your pipe and just chillax.

  16. Point well taken, I won’t make that mistake next time. We will share a pint and a Jameson or two. Regarding the sod, understood. John

  17. I’d giggle, but the irony is that my wedding photos will look pretty much exactly like that. When people tell me I look just like my father I always wonder if I have a beard that only everybody else can see.

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