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  1. There was a budget yesterday?

    On a serious note, they would still be elected tomorrow.

    Gift grub on TodayFM had a fabulous sketch yesterday as if all the party leaders were on Dragons Den. All of them loved the Fine Gael idea but refused to back it if Enda Kenny was included.

  2. Voting them out would only be changing one group of boneheads for another one: it’s nice to dream that we’ve got an alternative, but do we? (aside from mass riots and a coup d’etat, and I think we’re all far too lazy for that)

    Sad day.

  3. No riots, no coup. Just take all of our cash out of the banks they are supporting.
    It’s legal.
    It’s unexpected.
    It’s democratic.

    And it will (as an acquaintance of mine puts it) “fuck ’em in the ear”.

  4. That is the sad depressing fact about modern Irish politics – there is no viable alternative. A non-FF government does seem to be slightly less corrupt, but the policies are just as likely to flush all around the U-bend.

    Thrifty – Not a bad idea, except that I did that about thirty years ago [during a previous recession] when the banks were acting the high-handed bollix.

  5. I didn’t vote them in and every person I ask, either out of shame or honesty tells me they didn’t either.

    How did they get in again?

    We keep moaning, but they’ll be voted in again and again and again.

  6. As long as Ireland has the ‘messenger boy’ system of politics nothing can change.

    The only parties with a recognisable set of policies (no matter what you think of them) are the Greens, Sinn Fein and The Socaialist Party. All the rest, Labour included, are self-serving interest groups with no loyalty or vision beyond ‘what’s in it for us?’ and they pander to an electorate that is little better, to be honest.

    However, that’s not to let them (the politicians) off the hook; for me the most depressing thing about yesterday’s budget was the compete lack of vision or anything that might be considered an innovative idea, or indeed any form of lateral thinking.

  7. Tony S – Are you honestly saying that the Green Party are not a self-serving interest group? This is the party that went against all their stated principles as soon as they got a whiff of power and have been carefully keeping their heads down ever since? That budget was a blunderbuss of an affair, and is pretty much what I expected.

  8. Wasn’t it innovative to land the taxpayer with the banks’ debts? That hasn’t been done here before. And what about te free Vaseline vouchers in yesterday’s papers – only what you would expect before you were screwed up the arse!

  9. You lot might not be happy but the EU is well pleased with the budget! Mr Lenihan sees the future of the Irish economy in exports. By pulling this hard on the tax lever, Mr Lenihan may cause Irish history to repeat itself. Ireland may only succeed in exporting its best hope of recovery: its talent. Pack your bags boys and girls.

  10. King’s Bard – Did anyone check to see if the Guinness Book of Records were keeping tabs? I think it may be a world record for the greatest mass buggery in history?

    Baino – That is one of the big things that pisses me off. The budget was less to do with balancing the books and sorting out the financial mess than it was an exercise in impressing that lot in Brussels. The government are obsessed with foreign opinion and keep going on about how the rest of the world is watching us [as if they could care less about a wee island in the Atlantic!!].

    Thrifty – You take Australia. I think I’ll try France.

  11. I quiver when I hear the Brians talking about how we should be patriotic and suck it up.
    Well Brians, after Standard&Poor have lowered our credit rating due to the country’s deteriorating finances and reported that the only way to get it back and incite confidence in foreign investment was for the Government to resign, it’s time for you and the rest of your self serving cronies to do the patriotic thing.
    Fall on your swords now and you just may come away from all of this with a miniscule shred of integrity left. Fail to do so and you will swing from the highest gibbet and go down in history as the most inept, reckless, asinine Government ever in the history of the State.

  12. I did have to smile when I heard that Bertie lost €160,000 of his pension though. Poor petal.

  13. Bless u all !! I can’t comment on this, we have our own bone-headed law makers here in US & a lot more here in Texas(they cover theirs with a white hat)should all be wearing dunce caps !

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