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  1. I too am impressed.
    I would have been even more impressed with a snapshot of a neighbouring bedroom

  2. Great daffodil shot..we weep to see them haste away so soon.
    What I’m wondering is how dis you take the picture of both camaeras?

  3. @King’s Bard – obviously, Grandad lives so far up the mountain that light itself is too out of breath to move quickly. So, he clicks the snappy button, then quickly shoves the camera down on the couch next to the other one before the light arrives.

    Or maybe he’s a very good painter.

  4. Stipes – Those photographs will be available shortly on one of my other sites. All major credit cards accepted. Anonymity guaranteed.

    Kings Bard – Kae got there before me. I’m just a fast mover. [Also I have a tacky camera in my mobile phone 😉 ]

  5. Well wear, Grandad. It’s a close cousin of my own camera, which I’m very happy with, and which has all sorts of nifty functions I have no idea about. The zoom is so good I can see you at your window zooming back at me.

  6. I’ll just sit here very quietly being glad I’m not your neighbour…
    Have fun with that!

  7. Stan – I have just been out playing again. [Did you see me?] As you say – one hell of a lot of functions and a 300 page manual to print out…..

    Susan – Do you not see the point of the lens? I needn’t hassle my neighbours any more as I can now go much further in search of fresh meat horizons.

  8. That Canon is also a cousin of the one I got bought. Lucky for me mine has a Brianf-proof mode. I turn it on, point it at something and press the button. Then the pictue shows up on the little memory card thing. That’s all the technical stuff I know about it. I figure mine can do the zoomy thing too but I couldn’t be bothered to RTFM.

  9. It’s a good lense alright. I have a Canon 400D and have to change lenses to get that level of zoom. Do post a photoblog. I love ’em.

  10. Like some of the others I am totally impressed Grandad. 🙂 But more than impressed, I am suffering a serious attack of the green-eyed monster! I have been waiting for the day that I can afford a good camera. You have just proven to me what the difference in a mediocre one and a good one is. That picture is amazing. And the good thing about it is I can take pictures of my children without them posing cos’ I can do it without their knowledge. Can also catch their other “crimes” on film maybe … hah!

    Now I need to write to your advice column to see if you can help me in persuading my husband that a fancy new camera like yours is exactly what I need. (Seeing as he bought me nothing for Christmas or my birthday or our anniversary, I think you’ll probably find him easy to convince. 😉

    Enjoy! 🙂

  11. Stan – Many thanks for that link. You have just saved about two acres of rain forest.

    Brianf – The reason I need the FM is that I keep pressing things that bring up strange effects, like grids all over the viewfinder. I then have to press random buttons to try to remove whatever it is again.

    Tricia – The long lens is great for capturing pictures where the subject is unaware they are being photographed. Even our Sandy didn’t notice. As for your husband – show him my article and he’ll probably buy one for himself. Then you can rob it.

  12. Impressive tele-lens. Just one word of warning (and I might be teaching my granny grandad to suck eggs, here): when you’re using that level of zoom, it’s almost essential to use your tripod. Otherwise, just the smallest, almost unavoidable movement or tremor of your hands (not that I’m implying anything at all) and you get vague blurs!

  13. Grandad: Glad it helped!

    Karyn: The Powershot has a no-shakey function, or what they call an “optical image stabilization system”, which is very helpful on long zooms. It’s less effective in dim or dark light, but otherwise it does a good job compensating for those unavoidable tremors. (I don’t have a tripod but I think I’ll get one someday, anyway.)

  14. Grandad,
    Great camera, I have one and use it for business, i.e. home inspections and as a general contractor. Good for documenting what you have done or not done so you can keep the Gardai away from your threshold!!

  15. Hey, Baino!! You ended up as spam, so I missed you 🙁 My photographs are exceedingly boring. They are on the web, but someone as refined as yourself wouldn’t want to go into those sites.

    Karyn – I always had a lot of trouble with the old camera and camera-shake, but so far, I have found the new one to be incredibly stable. I like that tip though, and must give it a bash. It would save lugging the tripod around.

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