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  1. I bought one of them turntables at PC World, and converted most of my collection.(no BB). Its good to hear stuff I haven’t played in yonks, most of its now on mp 3 player. Btw, whats a computer sound card?

  2. Ah nostalgia!
    1. What’s wrong wiv the Beach Boyos?
    2. You could probably borrow herself’s laptop, connect to ebay and buy required music / conversion equipment tat from there
    3. If it all works out can I hire you to convert several hundred cassette tapes to digital for moi. Stipes is making me all nostalgic to hear stuff I havent heard in yonks
    4. btw first music I purchased was a Duran Duran back in the early 80s…… aw nostalgia

  3. Stipes – I must say I’m looking forward to kindling old friendships [if this works]. A lot of my stuff is old folk-rock which is great for singing along to as I belt along in the car.

    Charmed – Beach Boys? Wouldn’t be my first choice [Shit – they were!!]. I thought of buying the CD versions, but a lot of my stuff probably never made it to CD. As for converting cassettes – forget it! Those things never last, unless stored very carefully.

  4. Yes, Cactus, Mountain, Cream, ELP, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Greatful Dead, Bob Marley, etc.
    I have also considered buying one of those USB turntables. I have 900+ record albums. It may take some time.
    Oh yea, the first concert I went to was the Beach Boys. I also saw Argent’s first US show. Anyone remember Argent? If you do you can hold your head up!
    Now being a reformed Vinyl junkie and X-audiophile the problem I have is many-fold with these USB turntables. What kind of needle are employed? Is it elliptical or tracking wedge? What is the maximum tracking error angle of the tonearm? How consistant is the speed of the motor? How accurate is the speed of the motor? Will the tonearm and cartridge combination balance to the correct weight?
    Then there is the whole digital vs. analogue question. Compact Discs are a lower quality of sound than records and mp3’s just downright suck compared to the sound of a record. iPods really suck, music wise so what to do is the question?
    For me this question always seems to end in the same conclusion; break out and dust off the old Quad pre-amp and power amp, buy a pair of Magnaplaners and a SOTA turntable with a Well Tempered tonearm and a Grado cartridge.
    The $79 USB turntable is a heck of a lot cheaper.

  5. Brianf – I’m more of a folk rock junkie – the likes of Steeleye Span, Amazing Blondell and of course Fairport. Having successfully blown up the neighbour’s laptop, and discovering how to do it, I’m trying out James Taylor at the moment.

    Of course I can ‘hold my head up’.

    The two big advantages of digital are portablilty and resilience. My LPs are a little the worse for wear after all the parties they have been to, and can do with a bit of digital cleaning. And have you ever tried playing an LP in a fast car on a bumpy road??

  6. There was nothing wrong with the Beach Boys at the time. A lot better than most bands that were around then. They were huge. Heroes and Villains, Cottonfields etc.
    As for Argent “Hold your head high”

  7. I think my first LP purchase was The Kingston Trio. Yep, still have mine too.

    And I have a box full of ’78’s. Fav: is Rhapsody in Blue.

  8. Folk rock? Did you never have anything by Jethro Tull?

    Wouldn’t put you down as a James Taylor man!

    My record collection got left in England and plundered by the skitter to which my sister was married for a few years. In 2003, twenty years after I left, my mother discovered some remnants in the attic – a few dozen singles. A couple of years ago, I bought a 1965 red and white portable Dansette off of eBay (the bloke who sold it wrapped it in bubble wrap and put ten quid of postage on it to send it to the North and charged me £48 Sterling for postage and packing – I won’t touch eBay now, too many shysters).

  9. Wow, what memories this brings back.

    You could tell Herself that your equipment is actually a Bidding Accelerator that reorganises the physics of Time itself so that (when installed on her machine) she can outbid the final bid of any auction at her leisure, and with minimal expense: just tell her it’s a several-hour download because the technology is so advanced, then send her off to visit K8 a while… sure she’d let you plug it in then?

  10. Ian – I have eclectic tastes. I don’t think eBay is that bad, unless of course Herself finds out my credit card number.

    Susan – The poor dear is confused enough. I don’t want to be responsible for yet another nervous breakdown.

    Maxi – Overcome with fond memories?

  11. My first LP was also Bob Dillan’s first -my one claim to fame. The LP is still going strong after all the parties and so is Bob. Wish I could say the same for me.

  12. I love the Beach Boys music – I am immediately taken back to my teens when nothing seemed to matter – ‘ah wouldn’t it be nice’…. that and TRex, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, not forgetting Dr Hook – amazing stuff!
    My partner has one of the new turntables and has converted most of his albums now – they sound really good!!!

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