Bovine choices — 7 Comments

  1. Ha! Just had a look, Charlie Bird was there as well!! You don’t actually have to cast a vote to get to the next page. I gave my vote to Caroline Morahan 🙂

  2. Robert – Damn! I didn’t realise I could skip. Morahan is one of the lot that I’m not familiar with. I must nip over to the RTE canteen for a sniff around some time [without eating anything of course].

    Prin – One of the great omissions of the Millennium?

  3. Just give it another year or so and you’ll be on there before you and the unsuspecting public know it.

    Best to start shopping around for a couple pair of Speedos now then. Working on that tan might be advisable also. Must be ready for stepping into the spotlight you know.

  4. Maxi – You were there all right, at number 563.

    Kirk M – They can damn well take me as they find me. I ain’t dressing up for no one. And as for the fake tan – that’s The Planks department.

    TheChrsD – He must be there as a joke. And Plank must have paid to be there.

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