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  1. NaRocRoc – I am an old romantic at heart.

    Maxi – Porn collections come under the categories of ‘decorative’ and ‘funtional’. We’re safe there.

  2. One thing I have learned while trying to sell the odd item to save for a house
    is people will buy anything, and I mean anything!

    So Next time charge a fee for people to rummage threw your skip for stuff.
    You’ll get free entertainment for the day while you watch them dig
    in the bin, you’ll get great skip fights…. plus you’ll make a few euros too! LOL!

    Have a nice Sunday ~ Kimme

  3. Kimme – I tried that but the neighbours just sneak down at night and rummage anyway. They then fill the space they have made with their worthless junk. Once again – I can’t win.

  4. When I posted the same plan last week, I got the most comments I’ve had in months: struck a chord! We all have too much junk lying around I suppose.

    Meanwhile, guess I’ll have to drive down your road for some skip-diving; who knows what ebay will get me for authentic Grandadabilia?

  5. Haha… Excellent post Grandad.
    I agree with Susan as it does strike a chord. Everyone has that hoarding side in someway! I only noticed when I moved from home how much shite I had.

  6. I am the same way! I have a bunch of sentimental items that I keep in what I have deemed “memory boxes.” However, I have loads of crap in my room that is of course, valued sentimentally, but lately I’ve been looking around and thinking, “man, I need to chuck this stuff, because all it does is collect dust!”

    Maybe you’ll be my inspiration Grandad and I’ll finally chuck the lot of it.

  7. Susan – Damnit! I never thought of opening a museum of Grandadabilia. I love that word!!

    Keith – Welcome! One thing I forgot to mentio was that a mere ten years ago, I filled an indutrial sized skip with rubbish, so the recent skip was a mere drop in the ocean that is my life.

    Shannon – Go get yourself a skip [or do you lot call them dumpsters or something?]. You will feel a hell of a lot better afterwards.

  8. I try not to open my wardrobes at home for fear of all the hoarded crap to suddenly come toppling out like a wave of packing peanuts…

    Although, you should see how clean the place would look if you tossed Herself out – that is until it becomes a tip again because you can’t be bothered tyding up after yourself 😀

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